Just Another Vampire Slayer

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Just Another Vampire Hunter


"... And if he ever hurts you, true love won't desert you," I sang along in the car as Lucy groaned. I started to sing louder.

" Will you shut up?" She yelled. I laughed at as her voice cracked.

"My physical advisor suggest I not," I said quietly to her. Lucy slapped me playfully. I focused back on the road. A fire truck was going to Laura's street. I followed it.

"Do you think?" Lucy gasped, her eyes growing wide. I turned down the music and turned it off. This can't be true. I saw smoke above the trees, and there on the side on the road, was Laura. Her face was bloody and it looked disfigured. Her head was down and she was crying, her car was up in flames. I parked my car and Lucy and I ran over to Laura. She looked up.

"Laura!" Lucy cried in fear, looking at her face. Her lip looked melted and her eyes were bleeding. In a flash a man sunk his face into Laura's neck. We couldn't tell what was happening. Laura screamed and tried to push the man off of her. In a few seconds Laura fell to the ground, dead. The man was gone.

-A Week Later-

I remembered what happened last week so well. I couldn't process the fact Laura was gone. It was so surreal. At least I had Lucy. The man as stuck in my thoughts. Who or what the hell was he? How could he kill Laura? How? So many questions bottled up inside.

I walked down the alley way into Rip's Nightclub. I got in through the back and saw Rip standing there.

"Hey Rip," I started," I'm so sorry about your wife."

His wife died a few days ago by murder. They found odd teeth marks on her neck. Same as Laura's. A woman with long red hair came up to me. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into a dark corner of the club.

"They are back," she whispered.

"Who is back?" I tried to ask, but she was gone. I ran over to Rip, he said he hadn't seen the girl. I turned to the crowd spotting the girl. I ran after her.

"Hey! Wait!" I finally got my grip on her, "Who is back?" She looked up at me in fear.

"The vampires," I started to laugh.

"Vampires? Do you think I was born yesterday?"

"Didn't you see how Rip's wife died? How Laura died?" I stopped laughing. How did she know them?

"You know?"

"A vampire killed them," she started off," You are the next vampire hunter. I am a vampire."

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