Ch 6 || Breakfast

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Capricorn pov

I woke up, just to find Aries jumping up and down on my bed. Why god, what did I do to deserve this?

"About time you woke up." She said, getting off me. I got out of bed, quickly brushing out my hair and freshening up.

"Please don't tell me we missed breakfast." I asked, no, grumbled.

"Don't worry, we still have time. Now let's hurry." And with that, she dragged me along. We made it to the great hall, and took our seats on the Slytherin in front of Scorpio. He was sitting with two guys who introduced themselves as Ara and Cepheus before going back to arguing with our roommates, carina and Cassiopeia, about whether or not pineapples belong on pizza.

"You guys took long enough." Scorpio observed, halfway through his pancake.

"What are you, a vampire?" Aries grumbled.

"Guys, don't start so early in the morning, my brain can't take it." I quickly helped myself to milk and cereal, while Aries opted for waffles. "What's our first class again?"

"Potions I think." Aries said, her mouth full.

"Eww, don't talk with a full mouth." I scolded her, she sheepishly gulped her food down. Soon enough we were done with breakfast, and it was time for potions.

Libra pov

"You look like a zombie." I commented as Leo took the seat across from me.

"I fucking feel like one."

"Language." I snapped at her. "Where's Cancer?"


"He'll miss breakfast."

"I would never miss breakfast." He said, appearing out of nowhere. "It's the most important part of the day, along with lunch and dinner." I sighed. At least he's awake. He was here with two boys, who didn't bother to introduce themselves, instead helping themselves to breakfast.

"So, you guys excited for potions?" I tried to start a conversation since the silence was getting awkward.

"Is that what we have first?"

"Didn't you read your schedule Leo? And Cancer, chew your food properly."

"I may have forgotten to."

"Mmmhmm" great, I'm stuck with two idiots.

"Hi." And Aquila.

"Hi!" I smiled at her.

"Who's she?" asked the oblivious Leo.

"She's our roommate idiot."

"Jeez no need to get salty." I just chatted with Aquila for the rest of breakfast, before heading for potions.

Pisces pov

I woke up to someone shaking my shoulders. It was Volans.

"Hey, bro, we should go get breakfast, we don't want to be late for our first class."

"What is our first class? I didn't get a chance to read our schedule yet."

"Defense against the dark arts." I nodded and jumped off the bed. We headed to breakfast, and I sat across from Virgo and our other roommates. I helped myself to some pancakes, and made small talk with Caelum and Fornax. I tried including Virgo in the conversation, but he just gave one word answers, so I finally gave up.

"Hiiiii!" said a cheery voice from behind me. It was Gemini.

"hey! Guys, this is my friend Gemini, Gem this is Volans, Caelum and Fornax." I said, pointing to each in turn. Volans and Caelum smiled and waved, while Fornax just nodded in acknowledgement. Now that I think about it, he doesn't talk much either, he's more focused on his food.

Gemini happily waved back at the two, plopping down on the seat next to me. She introduced me to her roommates, Delphinus and Hydra. I greeted them and the whole group just made small talk for the rest of breakfast, and soon enough, it was time for our first lesson.

Taurus pov

Me and Sagi met up in the common rooms in the morning, and he introduced me to Aquarius, while I introduced him to Andromeda and Antlia. We went down to breakfast in a group, and I lost all interest in the conversation as soon as I saw the breakfast spread. My mouth watering, I quickly helped myself to whatever I could reach.

"Oi, you'll get a tummy ache too it you eat that fast." said Aqua.

"Too?" I questioned, my mouth full.

"Didn't you know about last night?"

"Nope." And so he proceeded to explain what had happened, enacting the whole scene. I burst out laughing, because duh. Sagi was trying to look angry and not laugh, but failing miserably. Andromeda and Antlia were lost in their own conversation. I heard someone chuckling on my right side, and my head whipped around to see a guy around my age.

"Hi, I'm Lacerta." He introduced when he noticed me looking.

"Taurus, and that's Sagi and Aqua."

"Hey, you must be the other kid in our dorm!" exclaimed Sagi, glad that the attention was away from his disastrous night.

"First years?" He questioned. All three of us nodded. "So you must be the kids who I thought were probably going to sleep in and miss their first class." I laughed at the face Aqua and Sagi were making.

"Yup, that's them." I replied in their place, still laughing a bit. He smiled at me, while the other two gave me a betrayed look. Then, realizing we didn't have much time left, we quickly stuffed food into our mouths, and got up to go get ready for our first class, which was Defense against the dark arts.

Special thanks to Zodiac_Anime101 for hyping me up about this story, thank you UwU

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