Ch 5.4 || Dorms- Hufflepuff

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Well, I'm glad I have a friend here with me ig. We were currently at the Hufflepuff table, enjoying the mouthwatering feast. I had already scarfed down thrice my weight in food, and was still taking more. Sagi probably ate even more than me, that idiot. I was to busy eating to notice anything around me, and I think I almost shed a few tears when the feast disappeared from front of my eyes.

"Alright, first years, I am a prefect from this house. follow me to your dorms." He led us to a stack of barrels, and knocked 5 times on the second one from the bottom. That lid of it swung open and he told us to crawl through it.

I went first, and Sagi followed after me, and more people came after him. There were many tunnels leading out of the common room, and we were told that most of them lead to our dormitories. We were then sent down the tunnels to our dorms. My roommates were 2 girls, Andromeda and Antlia, they introduced themselves. I nodded and introduced myself too, and after that we kept to ourselves as we got ready to sleep. I lay down on my bed, lost in thought about tomorrow.

"You excited?" came a voice from the bed to my right. Antlia.

"Yea." I answered.

"Not really." said Andromeda. "I mean, school is school, which means we have to study, and I'm not a fan of studying." I laughed.

"True enough."

"Good night guys."

"Good night."

"Night night."


Stuffing myself till I couldn't take another bite was a bad idea. A really bad idea. Now here I was, holding my tummy in pain, with a boy, Aquarius, was trying to cast some spell he said his mom used for tummy aches. After a bit of trying, he must have got it right, because I felt the pain vanish.

"Thanks." I said, kinda embarrassed.

"No problem bro." I smiled at him. We were going to be sharing the dorm, along with another boy who was already asleep. I believe his name was Lacerta.

"Remind me never to stuff myself so much again." He laughed.

"So, Sagi, can I call you Sagi? Okay, so, what are you most excited about learning?"

"I dunno? I mean, I dunno." He just laughed at me. Damn, I must be hilarious.

"Come on, there must be something?"

"Well, charms sounds interesting?"

"Why was that a question?"

"Why not?"

"I asked you first."

"I asked you second."

We just blinked at each other, before bursting out laughing, I literally fell off the bed.


Damn, now my tummy is hurting from laughing so much. What are we even laughing at again? I dunno, I just know that it was funny af.

"What- wh- what- ar- are we e- eve- even- lau- gh- ghing at?" I somehow asked.

"I- du- don- t- kn- know-" He replied. I tried to take a deep breath and calm down, but just ended up bursting into laughter again. We just laughed for god knows how long, before calming down and returning to our beds.

"We should probably sleep now." I told him.

"No duh." Came his reply, making me chuckle. I buried myself in my blanket, excited for tomorrow. Somehow, I made a bunch of friends, and I think I found my best friend for the next few years. I sighed happily, drifting off to dreamland. Until a pillow hit me in the face, that is.

I grumbled and poked my head out of my blanket, just to see it was Sagi.

"What?" I asked, groggy.

"I'm bored and I can't sleep." He whined.

"Just close your eyes." I replied, pulling my blanket over my head.


"Just do itttt."


And with that, I started drifting off again. Dreamland, here I come.


Yup, I decided to finish posting the dorm chapters today, because I'm a lil too impatient. So you can expect two more chapter to be posted today, one of them being the intro to the other characters. Comment ships and stuff if you have any requests.

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