Ch 5.2 || Dorms- Gryffindor

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So, I'm Gryffindor. Must be the best house UwU. Aqua and Virg were in a different house, sad. At least I have Cancer with me, even if we didn't talk much.

"Heyyyyyyy." He said.

"Hi!" I replied. "So, what you think of this house?"

"It seems good ig." He replied. That's when I noticed the food war going on in the Slytherin table, and had the best idea ever. I picked up something random from by plate and subtly took aim at Cancer, before a voice stopped me.

"What do you think you are doing?" asked a girl sitting beside me.

"Eating?" I replied, unsure.

"No way, I saw you trying to aim that," she pointed to the veggie in my hand." at that." she pointed to Cancer, who turned around just in time to get poked by her pointer finger. I laughed out loud while she apologized over and over.

"It's no problem!" Cancer said. "But who are you?"

"People call me Libra, you can call me Lib."

"I'm Cancer, that's-"

"Leo." I interrupted. "Call me Leo."

And then, we made chatted and joked around for the rest of the feast, and before we knew it, it was time to go to our dorms.


Halfway to the dorms, Leo pulled me a little ways back, far enough so we don't loose sight of the people but won't be overheard.

"Let's go explore the castle after lights out."

"No." I replied immediately, no way am I getting kicked out before school even starts.

"Oh come on."

"No way, nuh huh, never." she pouted at me, but there is still no way I'm doing that.

"Fine." she grumbled out. "I'll go ask Cancer."

"There is no way I'm letting you get yourselves into trouble. I'll tell a teacher if you do it." I threatened, hoping she'd stop.

"Aw, I know you won't do that. Now where did Cancer disappear to?" I sighed, there is no way they're actually gonna do it, is there? I bet the schools got people patrolling at night, they'll definitely get caught. It's better if I don't go.

We got to our dorms, I was sharing with Leo and another girl, named Aquila.

"hey." she said.

"Hi. So, what do you think about sharing the dorm?"

"Meh, you seem like my kind of person, so I'm sure it'll be great."

"I hope so." I said with a laugh. Look at me making all these friends, I'm on a roll. I chatted with her for a while till exhaustion took over and my eyes closed shut, and just before I was completely asleep, I noticed that Leo was gone.


Leo had the genius idea of going exploring, and I thought, why not? Maybe we'd stumble across the kitchen or something and then I can have midnight snacks everyday. Nom.

So, we sneaked out of the portrait hole thingy, I was still not over the fact that paintings can talk. We silently made our way around the castle, avoiding the prefects that were out patrolling.

"Damn, I thought this would be more interesting, it's just another classroom and another and another-"

"And worst of all, there is no kitchen. I was hungry, now I'm going to have to starve."

"Dude, we literally just had a feast like an hour ago."

"It's been a whole hour? Explains why I'm hungry again." she just sighed, not bothering to reply.

"Let's just go back, I doubt we're going to find anything. Plus, I'm getting sleepy." I said with a yawn.

"Come on, let's just look around for a bit more, we might find something." She ran ahead, opening a few doors here and there.

"Ugh fine." I grumbled, running after her. We found the library, a few more classrooms, a janitors cupboard here and there, and.... that's it.

"Let's just go back, we can come back tomorrow." At this point, I was barely awake. Luckily she took the hint and started heading back to the dorms. I sighed, relieved, and followed after her.


Ever been poked in the eye by someone randomly pointing to stuff? Well, it's not fun.

Ik I posted twice today, but I already have the next few chapters written out so I thought why not?

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