Chapter 27

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Maria's P.O.V

We walked through the door to find a note on the floor from Jamie, threatening my 6 best friends, especially my boyfriend. "Mum look." I said passing my mum the note and she read it. "It looks like we are too late dear." she said, sadly as my mum was close to all of my friends.

Suddenly, 6 friendly faces jumped out from behind doors, cupboards and other rooms shouting "Surprise!" Loudly. "How dare you scare us by leaving this note and then scaring us when jumping out!" I screamed at them as their faces dropped. Aston walked towards me and said "Babe, we were only joking."

I stood silently then said "Haha. Don't worry. I was joking too haha." then mum stepped forward. "So was I." She said. "Wait what?" I said.

"It all started when I heard you were going to move to London. I wanted to get you the best surprise ever so I needed a distraction. I asked one of my high school drama class mates to pretended to be a psycho ex-boyfriend while "kidnapping" me when really I was working on your presents. The kidnapping you was his idea to make it seem more realistic."

"Really? You did all that for me?" I asked shocked. "Yes, of course. Your my eldest daughter. Katie was in on it too." she added. "Wow. Thank you so much." I said as Aston stepped forward and added more to the story "All 6 of us were in on it too, that's why we called Mark down... for help." I stepped forward and sunk in Aston's arms.

"You guys really are the best." I smiled. "And now for your surprise, other than the little chihuahua puppy." mum ran to the kitchen with a few items under sheets. "Firstly, before we reveal these, we all pitched in to help." Mark said as he pulled away the first sheet to reveal the latest iPhone. "Wow thanks guys." I said, picking it up.

"Now, this." Reesh said taking the second sheet away to reveal a teddy bear. "Aww a teddy bear. What's this for?" I asked in confusion. "Get you hyped up for the next present." Jay said pulling the next sheet away. It was a £100 voucher to Nando's. "And of course you gotta take us out." Ast said with a cheeky wink.

"Right. Next one." Soph said showing the next present. It was the most expensive perfume ever. "Thank you so much guys. These presents are amazing." I beamed. "Wait there is one more Ast said as he ran out the house. What's this one going to be?

Mum covered my eyes as Soph, Mark, Marv, Jay and Reesh lead me outside. I felt Marv let go of my arm and heard him run across to somewhere. Mum took away her hands from my eyes to reveal Ast and Marv standing next to a posh cherry red Ferrari. Did I just see that right? A cherry red Ferrari right in front of me.

"Oh my flipping days. This is not for me." I screeched. "The JLS boys payed for most of it but we all chipped in." mum explained. I walked over to the car and stroked it's red paintwork, all perfectly even all over. "Thank you, all of you for these amazing gifts. I have amazing family, and friends and a pretty hot boyfriend." I smiled as Ast winked and my friends and mum smiled and Katie literally jumped on me.


I woke up in my room. "It was all a dream. It was all a dream." I whispered to myself, repeatedly. I got out of bed and ran downstairs to my mum and dad sitting at the breakfast bar, both of them eating toast. "Hey mum, hey dad. Where's Katie?" I called to my parents, thinking about my crazy dream about JLS and my old school mates.

"She round a friends dear. She will be back later. It's 1:00pm, you over slept." my dad said getting up to make me some cheese on toast. Im back in reality. My mum and dad are not divorced, Aston's not my boyfriend, I'm not friends with JLS and Soph lives in Norwich and so does Mark. "Mum, Dad. I had the weirdest dream..."


Hey guys. Hope you liked this story and the twist. Comment if you want me to make another one or a sequel to this. I enjoyed writing this and I hoped you enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

Jess x

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