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Well this is definitely a premature chapter! Mainly forging little character bonds here and there and filling a few holes. I'm just warning you- this is really long because parts are the same as before the edit and I didn't want to waste a ton of chapters just going shopping this time. Enjoy!

"How did yous sleep dearies?"

Mrs Weasley's cheerful voice seemed to brighten the whole room as the golden three and their new somewhat unwelcome tag-along lumbered into the kitchen.

"I slept good, thanks Mrs Weasley," Harry told her getting a appreciative smile in response. Percy glanced at him, knowing that was a lie. Shouldn't he be telling the Order what he's seeing? Percy thought. What was the point in keeping secrets when they were fighting a common enemy? Or was he hiding something? Did he know about the connection he and Voldemort really shared at all? Half of Percy's life was based off secrets, but they still annoyed him to be so in the dark.

"Dear, how many times do you I have to tell you, its Molly! And you Hermione, how was your night?"

"Good as well, Molly," Hermione replied, "and breakfast smells delicious." Another happy look. That was when Mrs Weasley's threatening eyes fell upon Ron, who seemed to be shrinking into the corner.

"I slept alright, ok?" he muttered irritatedly, and Molly sighed exasperatedly, holding up her hands in surrender.

"Just because your friends are here Ron doesn't mean you don't talk to me at all! I'm your mother!"

Angry mumbling and another sigh was all that followed.

"And you sweetheart?" She turned to Percy, beaming. Percy plastered on his usual half smile, and was just about to speak when Ron butted in.

"What are you opening your mouth for?" he barked. "She obviously can't be talking to you! Spawn of evil are far from sweethearts. You should go back to hell where you belong!"

Gasps echoed, and you could've heard a pin dropped as everyone watched silently while Mrs Weasley's eyes turned to fired.

"RON WEASLEY! YOU APOLOGISE RIGHT NOW!" For a moment he crossed his arms stubbornly, determined not to relent, but the weight of his mother's stare was heavier than that of the whole sky, and he had no choice.

"Sorry. There, I said it!" Sarcasm was evident in every word, and Molly clearly wasn't satisfied.

"You can try again young man, but with a bit of sincerity this time!" Anyone could see the rage that was about to explode, and Percy stepped out from the shadows to stand between them.

"Really, it's fine Mrs Weasley," he told her, a slight forcefulness in his tone. "I know he was only messing. Right?" He turned to Ron with an eyebrow raised, and he hoped Ron wasn't thick enough not to see what he was doing. Take your chance while you can you idiot. Ron's eyes widened slightly as he realised what his enemy meant, and nodded vigorously.

"I'm not so sure...." Molly replied, her voice abrasive and angry, but calmer than it had been moments before. "He has no right to he saying those sort of things to someone that has never hurt him at all!"

"Not yet," Ron mumbled under his breath, and Hermione shook her head exasperatedly. Percy couldn't help but agree; did that boy not know when it was time to shut up?!

"It's ok, Mrs Weasley, I promise you." Her eyes scanned Percy for a second, and he gave her a little smile. Her body relaxed in reaction, and she hurried out into the dining room to start setting for breakfast. Percy let out a sigh of relief, and Harry gave him an appreciative nod; this was obviously something that happened a lot.

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