» 15th of March, 2014 «

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Dear Calum,

Sorry for taking longer than usual to answer. I've been kind of busy with school and such... I'm so glad this is my last year!

You're cute. I don't know how often you wear them, but you should wear more button-downs.

My brothers think I'm an embarrassment because I'm not like them. They're "proper," and I'm a punk. They think I'll ruin their reputation, but I don't see why those two things can't go hand in hand. Being a punk doesn't mean being a delinquent. I get good grades. I don't smoke, and I go to parties every now and again. Okay, so I've got tattoos and dyed hair and piercings, and I don't want a fancy suit-and-tie job like the ones they've got. So what? Am I not human? Am I not worthy?

When we were younger, we were a lot closer. They were my best friends. But as I got older, they started realising that I wasn't like them. I think they truly stopped seeing me as a friend when I told them about my sexuality, and even more so when I started dressing the way I do.

Ah, well. I've gotten over it. I've got good friends and supportive parents, and I've got my music. That's what's important to me.

Hey, I wanted to ask you... Why are your parents sending you to therapy, and why do you hate it so much? I'll tell you why my parents are sending me, if that'll make you more comfortable. It's a stupid reason, really. They thought that they could stop me from becoming who I am today. They wanted me to be clean cut like my brothers at first, and they were worried that I was "rebelling" for some reason or the other. I mean, they soon realised that I'm completely fine mentally, and that I wasn't going to suddenly start doing drugs and becoming an alcoholic, but they decided to make me stay in therapy because it was a "healthy outlet". Kind of bullshit, really, but here I am.


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