Ch 5.1 || Dorms- Slytherin

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I don't really care about Slytherin that much, I mean I didn't even know houses existed until the sorting. The only thing I care about is that the two friends I made are with me too. I won't really consider Taurus a friend, I'm pretty sure she hates me after the boat thing. Speaking of which, I need to plan my revenge on Scorpy for pushing me into the lake. Thank the gods mum didn't notice dad and me sneak away to the wizard pranks shop while she was picking out my books, and that she didn't question the fact that I wanted to pack my own bag for once. Now I can go crazy trying out the stuff we bought. And of course, send letters about it to dad so he can use a few on mum.

I was giggling into my food, and getting weird looks from people.

"Oi, idiot, what the fuck you giggling at?" Ahhhh, dear old Scorpy.

"I don't have the time, or the crayons-

"Guys." It was Capricorn. "Shut your face holes and eat."

"Whatever." I grumbled, shoveling food in my mouth before I had a genius idea. I picked up a random piece of meat and threw it at Capricorn.

"Oh no you didn't." And that, my friends, is how you start an all out food fight. By the time we were supposed to be led to our dorms, I was covered in various food materials, and so were quite a few of the kids unfortunate enough to be sitting near us.

We were led to our dorms, and the first thing I did was grab my clothes and take a shower. And then I face-planted onto the bed and promptly fell asleep.


I took a long shower, and when I finally stepped back into our dorm, I saw Aries sleeping on her bed in a really awkward position and stifled a laugh. If only I had my phone right now, this is perfect blackmail material. But sadly, I don't. I went over to my bed and sat down. I wasn't sleepy, but I had nothing to do. So, being that sweetheart that I am, I went and sat on Aries, instantly waking her.

"5 more mins." She groaned, pushing me off her. I started hitting her with my pillow. "Jeez I'm up." she said, getting out of bed.

"There better be a good reason you woke me." she grumbled.

"Is that a threat?" I raised my eyebrow at her.

"Depends on how you take it. Now why the fuck did you wake me up?"

"Tsk tsk, mind your language child."

"Why the hell did you wake me up."

"Dunno, just felt like it." she groaned and threw her pillow at me, face planting on the bed again. "Oi, now that you're awake, let's go to the common room. I want to get a good look at it, I wasn't able earlier to since I wanted to shower so bad." She seemed to perk up a bit.

"Right, we were gonna go explore the castle!" she looked excited.

"That's against the rules, we'll get in trouble."

"Only if we get caught." she winked, quickly getting up and dragging my down the stairs before I could protest further. I sighed. What have I gotten myself into?

We went into the common room, and guess who we found there waiting for us?

Scorpio pov

Where the fuck are they? Aries said we'll go explore after lights out, and she'll get Cappy, so why the fuck aren't they here yet? That's when I saw them coming down the stairs.

"Took you long enough." I said.

"I fell asleep."



"Are we actually doing this?" asked Cappy.

"Of course." I replied, just as Aries said "yeah duh."

"Jinx" I swear to gods she was dropped on her head as a kid or something.

"That doesn't count because we didn't say the same thing."

"Whatever, let's just go."

"I still think this is a bad idea." Capricorn said.

"Well, too late." I said walking out the common room. They walked out after me. We were in the dungeons, because that's where our dorms are located. We quietly made our way around the castle, trying to memorize the layout a bit. We didn't really find anything interesting, and finally decided to call it a day (night?) and head back quickly. At least that was our plan.


Dun dun dun. I tried to make it interesting lol. Have you ever been in a food fight? that shit can get srsly cray cray. Anywho, feel free to comment ships, and if I'm still alive when we move on to the third or fourth year, I'll try and use them.

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