Ch 3 ||First glimpse of Hogwarts

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Sagi pov

So I managed to make two new friends. Yay. The train ride was pretty boring, except for the time when Cancer and Taurus decided to buy half the sweets trolley. And then, Cancer, Taurus, and I proceeded to inhale all of it till the only thing left was wrappers. When we reached the station, we got to know we were going to be riding boats to the school. And we had to divide into groups of 4. In the end, we got separated, and I ended up with three people I didn't know, a boy and two girls.

"Hey," I said, being the extrovert that I am.

"Hi!" the three of them chorused.

"So, introductions? I'll start. I'm Pisces." said the boy.

"Libra." said one girl.

"Gemini." said the other girl, restlessly bobbing in her seat.

"Gem stop moving so much, you'll fall into the lake." scolded Libra. I laughed, happy I made more friends.

"So, what house do you think you are going to be in?" I asked.

"House?" Pisces looked confused. Gemini then proceeded to explain the concept of houses for the rest of the boat ride.

Cancer pov

So I was separated from my new friends but ended up making three more. Well, two, since Virgo refused to look up from his book. I mostly talked to Aqua, he seemed cool. Leo talked too, but she mostly just looked around, as if searching for something.

"So, I actually climb- WHoaaaaaaa!" I quickly looked in the direction Aqua was looking, and my jaw dropped.

"No way is that our school!"

"Damnnnnn" even Virgo looked up, his jaw dropping at the sight. It looked like an ancient castle, and it was amazing, what with the sunset and all adding to the look. Damn, I wish I had my phone with me. Too bad this school doesn't allow phones. All around me I could hear murmurs of awe from the other boats.

I looked around to see that Sagi seemed to be getting along well with the people on his boat, same with Taur. That is until a boy on her boat pushed a girl into the lake, and the girl pulled him in, tipping over their boat in the process. My eyes widened, and I was about to call out for help when Hagrid, the giant man, caught sight of them and managed to make their boat upright again. They climbed back in and everyone resumed their journey.

Taurus pov

Stupid Aries. Stupid Scorpio. I'll blame them if I freeze to death. But anyway, here's what happened. We were getting along well until Aries and Scorpio started arguing about which flavor of ice cream is better. Scorpio said chocolate, Aries was all for vanilla, and Capricorn joined in too, saying mint was obviously the best. Just when I was going to give my opinion on how stupid they were being, I mean strawberry is clearly the best, Scorpio decided pushing Aries into the lake sounded like a good idea. She thought trying to pull him in too was an amazing idea, and tipped our boat over in the process. After Hagrid, god bless his soul, righted our boat, and told us off for being careless, he helped us back in. Now here I was, freezing my ass off, listening to Capricorn scold those two while they laughed at how stupid she looked. I was too shocked to say anything, so I just sat there in silence.

"This is not funny!" Capricorn protested.

"It is," Aries said, Scorpio almost falling off the bench laughing.

"Shut up and stay still or we'll fall in again." I hissed at them. They shut up, yes, but were still shaking with laughter. Capricorn quickly slapped them both on their heads, only making them shake harder. I sighed, I was hungry and cold and thirsty and I just wanted to sleep. And worst of all, I wasn't able to enjoy the beautiful view of the castle because of how cold I was.


Lol, have you ever been pushed off a boat by someone? My dad pushed me off once, and I tried pulling him in with me and tipped over the whole thing, and that's where I got the inspo for this. Mom wasn't very happy with us lmao, and yes, she looked stupid with her hair sticking up everywhere. Damn, we laughed about it for days after.

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