Ch 2 || The Hogwarts Express

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Leo pov

I made it to the train, but all the compartments were full. There was one that looked fairly empty, with only two guys occupying it. I decided to ask them if I could sit there, I mean no one would say no, right?

"Hey, mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full."

"Sure." said one of them, the other just looked me up and down then went back to his book.

"Thanks. I'm Leo."

"Aquarius and this is Virgo, called Aqua and Virg for short." I smiled at him and went to put my luggage up. Then I took the seat near him.

"Do not call me Virg for short," Virgo said without looking up from his book.

"So, you excited?" asked Aqua.

"Kinda, I'm more nervous than excited though," I answered.

"Understandable. So, what do you think of this so far?"

"Not much, really. I expected more, because, well, magic."

"Ahhhh. Are you muggle-born?"


"Wizards and witches refer to non-magic people as muggles."

"Oh, I see. Ya, I'm muggle-born. What about you, are your parents wizards?"

"My mum is, my dad's muggle."

"Can you guys shut up, I'm trying to read," said Virgo.

Virgo pov

I swear to gods, these people are way too noisy. Just lemme read in peace you dumb fucks. I was just getting to the interesting part when I finally snapped.

"Can you guys shut up, I'm trying to read." How hard is it to keep your trap shut, huh?

"Awwww Virg don't be mean."

"Don't call me Virg."

"Fine, but put the book away bro, socialize."

"But I don't want to socialize with you chimps."

"Come onnnnnnn."

"......Fine." I sighed, putting my book away. How exactly do you socialize?

"So, are you muggle-born?" asked the Leo chick.

"Nope, half-blood. There, I socialized, now if you'll excuse me, I have a book to read." And with that, I went back to my book.

Aqua pov

Man, Virg totally ruined the mood. Luckily for us, the sweets trolley was on its way, I could see it out of the compartment window. That was the first thing mum told us about Hogwarts. I saw a girl buy at least half the trolley. Damn it, I hope there's something left for us. Soon enough, the trolley reached us.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?" asked a kind-looking old lady.

"I would like 3 chocolate frogs and a pack of every flavored jelly beans."

I paid for my purchase and the lady moved on. I threw a frog to both of them, Virgo pocketed his for later, and Leo looked at hers confused.

"Open it, but don't let the frog get away." She nodded and did that, her eyes widening as she took a bite. She must have liked it. We chatted for the rest of the train ride, even grumpy old Virg joined in the convo every now and then. I'm sure mom would be happy that he was finally making a friend who wasn't me.

Soon enough, a while after some older people told us to get dressed in our robes, we reached. There was a giant, a literally giant, man shouting at the first years to go to him, so that's where we headed. He took us to a lake and told us we will be crossing it on boats.

We quickly picked out a boat, but since the boats were supposed to have 4 people each, another random guy was in there with us.

"Hi!" I said cheerfully.

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." He said, drawing it out. I smiled at him.

"So what's your name?" He asked.

"Aquarius. You?"


"Well, Cancer, this is Leo, and the grumpy old man is Virgo."

"Hey!" Virgo protested, and the three of us started laughing. Virgo smiled a bit too, but he will probably murder me the first chance he gets. Welp.


Sorry if this was a little short, I want to introduce all the main characters before the sorting ceremony.

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