Chapter Two: I'm Not Going to War, Just the Library

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Chapter Two: I’m Not Going to War, Just the Library

      “I think he actually might be ‘The One!’” Piper gushed, using her latest catchphrase.

      Lately, every boy she dated automatically was “The One.” Though she did have quite the reputation for going through boys like a chain smoker went through cigarettes, the girl fell too easily and let boys play her like a violin. Piper was no saint, and knew it; hell, the whole world knew it, and yet, she was still mindlessly searching for love just like any love-addicted, “normal” teen.

      “Tell me that again tomorrow when you dump him,” I said sourly, crossing my legs in a way so that they didn’t reach the ground. 

      “Why are you in such a mood?” she questioned, propping herself up with her elbows as she lay on my gray comforter adorned bed.

      “Harry gave me a one-week suspension,” I shared, as I continued to sketch my muddled emotions out on a poor piece of plain paper.

      “Sushi and TV all the way!” she pumped a fist in the air, causing her to lose balance and somehow tumble onto the floor in only a way that Piper could.

      “That’s what I said too!” I exclaimed, adding another bold line to the abstract drawing I was doodling.

      “So, what’s the issue?”

      “It’s in-house,” I shuddered, shifting in the dark, leather chair that I had claimed to be mine years ago.

      “No!” she gasped, brushing herself off as if the carpeted floor hadn’t been vacuumed in days.

      “I know, right? Oh, and it gets worse!” I said, the pressure I was applying to my pencil steadily increasing as I expressed myself.

      “Do tell,” she said, intrigued by the information I was about to unfold.

      “It’s in the library,” I said blandly.

      “With Brenda?” she shivered.

      “With Brenda,” I nodded in confirmation.

      “When does it start?”

      “Tomorrow,” I sighed. She crawled over to me, awkwardly wrapping her arms around my small frame. “Uh, Pipes, what’cha doin?”

      “Giving you a hug in case I never see you again!” she said, tightening her grip around me.

      “I don’t like physical contact,” I stated, as she immediately pulled back, remembering the small detail. “Oh, and I’m not going to war, just the library.”

      “But it’s so scary and old!”

      “You are aware that our entire school was built less than a decade ago, correct?”

      “Yeah, but Brenda’s old and scary!” she attempted to defend her invalid point.

      “That she is. Maybe, if I feed her, she won’t bite,” I mused mindlessly, allowing my pencil to guide my hand about the paper in a jumble of randomness.

      “Don’t be ridiculous! She’s not a caged animal!” Piper laughed, crushing my senseless fantasies.

      “I guess you’re right,” I admitted, as another thought popped into my head. “Hey, you know who I met today?”

      “Santa Claus?” she guessed sarcastically.

      “No,” I ignored her remark, “some kid named Luke. His face was kind of attractive.”

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