Kim possible and Ron stoppable after graduation

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They sit there in the sloth, flying into the night sky. Wow Ron thought; this is really it... We're done with high school.. What now? Meanwhile Kim was thinking the exact same thing.

"So what do you want to do?" He asks.

"I don't know, how about bueno nacho?"

"You read my mind." He says with a smile.

Kim brings the sloth to the ground and cruises down the street to bueno nacho. They enter the restaurant and find Ned sitting behind the counter as usual. Kim orders her usual salad and Ron gets six orders of nacos. They sit at their table.

"Geez Ron is that enough food?"

" Graduating and saving the world in one night can take a lot out of you KP."

"Yeah I guess so."

"Do you want any?" He says pointing to the food.

"No thanks."

"Suit yourself." He says with a shrug. Rufus dives into the nacos. They sit there in silence. Kim picks at her food.

"Is something wrong KP?"

She looks up from her food.

"No why?"

"You look sad."

"No, just a little tired."

"Do you want to go home?"

"No, Im fine i just want to be with you." She says smiling.

He smiles back.

"I love you KP."

"I love you too Ron."

They sit there starring at each other, smiling. Rufus burps and breaks the moment. Kim clears her throat and looks back at her food. Ron continues starring at her. 'Im so lucky to have her. She's so amazing.' He starts to day dream about his future with Kim. He imagines proposing and later on marrying her, maybe even kids. He can see her walking up the isle to him with the most beautiful dress on and a smile on her face. 'Oh that smile, that wonderful, wonderful smile of hers.'

"Um Ron?" Kim says waving her hand in front of Ron's face.

"Hmm?" He asks not quiet out of his day dream.

"Ron!" Kim says more loudly.

"What!?" He asks jerking out of his day dream.

"You were starring at me for the last fives minutes."

"I was?"


"Sorry." He says blushing.

"It's ok, you do that a lot ."

He looks up at her and blushes even more.

"So Have you gotten any college applications yet?" She asks him.

"No, not yet." He says sadly.

"Oh it's ok, you will soon."

"Have you chosen one yet?" He asks making the conversation about her.

"No, I haven't had time to go through them, there are so many." 'That was a mistake.'

Ron looks down even more sad then before.


"What?" He asks still looking down.

"I want you to know that no matter what happens we will always be together."

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