Rythian gently placed a passed out Zoey onto the bed before walking to the door. He turned back to see her sleeping figure and smiled, he closed the door. Rythian's face turned from a gentle smile to anger in less than a second. He stormed out of the castle to find Teep slowly getting up from the floor, his skin becoming less scaly. He stood up and groaned. Rythian placed his flying ring on his hand and lept into the air towards Duncans castle. 


When Rythian reached the castle the force field was down. He slammed open the door to reveal Duncan messing with a machine about the size of his head. He span around and saw a fuming Rythian. 

"Did you have something to do with this Duncan?" He said way too calmly for his appearance. Duncan realized his situation and slowly backed up holding the device in his hands. He started to panic when his back touched a wall and Rythian advanced slowly until he was over him, his eyes glowing purple and staring right into his. "Duncan." He said powerfully sending shivers down Duncan's spine. 

"Um... what if i did?" He asked in a small voice whilst he tried to back away more. Rythian's eyes got became a darker purple. 

"I don't know. Someone might get hurt." He said, his deep voice echoing in Duncan's ears. Duncan nervously laughed and avoided eye contact.

"I might have possibly taken the results I got from you and Princess Zoeya and made a machine that interferes with your lets say genetic differences." He mumbled. He looked back down to the machine in his hands. He quickly flicked the switch and Rythian was sent flying backwards into a wall. Dark purple particles started to come off him as his eyes went bright purple. Duncan strode forward. 

"Now then Rythian. I believe you owe me for helping Zoeya reveal her true nature." He smirks and walked close to Rythian. Rythian scowls at him and tries to move but he is paralyzed. Duncan advances towards him and starts to play with his machine. 

Intense pain flows over Rythian, his screams echo over Minecraftia.

"Rythian..." Zoey mutters as she sleeps.

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