Ch 1 || Platform 9¾

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Aries pov

We were currently at the Kings Cross station, looking for a platform 9¾.

"Where the fuck is it?" I grumbled.

"Mind your language." Said mom.

"Yes sweetie, mind your fucking language." My dad snickered from behind her, stopping short when he noticed her glaring at him. I laughed, and mom let loose a few chuckles too, dad sighing in relief in the background.

"Seriously though, where the f-"Mom glared at me and I quickly corrected myself. "Where the frickity frack is it?"

Mom sighed. "Dunno sweetie, maybe we should ask someone?"

"Oh ya? Who?"

"How about that girl?" My dad pointed to a girl wearing jeans and a plain top, with a plain jacket that somehow seemed fashionable. She had an owl in a cage with her, that must be what caught dad's eye.

"Sure." My mom shrugged, before pushing me towards the girl. I gave her a betrayed look over my shoulder before approaching her. She knows how awkward I can be!!

"Hi?" I asked more than said.

"Can I help you?" The girl asked me, giving me a judgemental look.

"Ugh, how the fuck am I supposed to explain that I'm looking for a platform that doesn't exist?"


"....did I say that out loud?"

"Yes." She still had that judgmental look.

"Aight, do you by any chance know where the f-" one look at her face told me she wasn't a fan of cursing. ".....platform 9¾ is?" Yay Aries, nice save.

"Follow me." She said with a sigh.

"Right, just a sec, I'll just grab my stuff."

I quickly ran back to my parents, grabbing the luggage and yelling at them over my shoulder to follow me.

" done?" The girl still looked like a judgy lil bitch.

"Yea," I replied, a bit unsure. She started walking towards platform nine, and I followed her, leaving my parents to follow the best they could. Soon enough, we reached there.

"You have to run through the wall," she said nonchalantly.

"Damn, you really must hate me if you want me to break my head running into a wall." I joked, my parents catching up to us.

"So, where exactly is this platform?" Mom asked while dad poked me.

"How dare you leave us behind!" He exclaimed, dramatically falling to the floor.

"Get off the floor." Mom said, unamused. I burst into laughter as dad picked himself off the floor sheepishly. The girl just watched us, and by her expression, I could tell she thought we were psycho. "Now, where is this platform?"

"We have to walk through that wall apparently," I said, pointing to it.

"And maybe hit our head on it and bleed to death?" asked dad. Mom just rolled her eyes at him and turned to the girl.

"Are you sure that's the way?" Instead of replying, the girl simply ran through the wall with her stuff. My eyes widened.

"Coooooooool!" me and my dad chorused.


"Double jinx"

"tripl- owwww" Mom hit the back of our heads lightly. both of us fell to the floor simultaneously, clutching our heads. Mum just chuckled at our dramatics and pushed my trolley towards the wall. We got up and followed after her, ignoring the stares we were getting.

I closed my eyes and ran towards the wall. I came to a stop and opened my eyes, just to see.... that I stopped right in front of the damn wall. Quietly laughing at how stupid I am, I took a step forward, and I was through.

Capricorn pov

I was standing here, waiting for some idiot. Wanna know how I got here? So first, a random girl who definitely doesn't know the meaning of fashion came up to me for directions. She was literally wearing a hoodie and leggings, her shoes didn't even match her hoodie! Anyway, me being the sweetheart that I am, I decided to help her. Now here I am waiting for her to cross the wall. Her mum was already here with her stuff, she seemed like the only sane one in her fam.

She suddenly walked through the wall, laughing at something.

Her mom gave her a look, and she hurriedly thanked me.

"Also, I forgot to ask your name, what with me being an idiot and all." She said. Well, at least she's self-aware.

"I'm Capricorn. What about you?" I had zero interest, I was just asking to be polite.

"Aries." She said with a grin. "Is that the train we're supposed to take?" Pointing to the Hogwarts express.


"Hey mum, imma go grab a seat before all the good ones are taken. Hi dad." Her dad had just crossed the wall.

"You go do that." Her Mom said, handing her the luggage.

"But firrrrsttttt." Dad quickly enveloped the two of them in a hug, Aries tried to fight him off but was unsuccessful.

"Dad!" He just laughed and shooed her towards the train.

"Let's go!" She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the train, and soon enough we found an empty compartment.

" let's sit here." She dragged me in and quickly lifted her stuff onto the rack and helped me with mine.


"Hmm, no problem." She grinned at me again. I swear, she's way too cheery. We just sat there in awkward silence after that, until someone barged in.

Scorpio pov

Shit, all the compartments were taken. I found one with only two girls in it, and so I decided to join them. I opened the gate to the compartment.

"Hey, can I sit here?"

"Sure." Said the taller of the two, rolling her eyes and looking out of the window again.


"Sooooo.... hi?" The shorter girl did an awkward wave at me with that.

"Hey," I said with a smile.

She smiled too. "What's your name?"

"Scorpio. And you guys?"

"I'm Aries, and that's Capricorn."

"Nice to meet ya."

"Pleasures all mine." We just looked at each other for a second, before bursting out laughing. Cappy just rolled her eyes at us, but I could see she was smiling too. Guess I made some friends, huh?


I hope you liked it lol. This my first time trying something like this UwU

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