A and D (5)

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Alyson and I were walking down the hallway toward the front entrance of the school. We just finished posting flyers for our Movie club. As we neared the open doors, Alyson’s mom pulled over the driveway.

“Ciao!” Alyson exclaimed, as she ran over to her mom’s car.

It took me a second to notice Aaron leaning by the stairs’ railing, patiently waiting for me. He was looking down at his feet with a blank expression. That meant he was thinking about something. I wondered what that something could be.

I walked down the stairs, towards him. He looked up. And when he saw me, he softly smiled. My heartbeat accelerated.

What was up with him? Smiling like that at me? Didn’t he know it was weird? Didn’t he know that that kind of smile made me melt?

I sighed. Of course he didn’t know.

“Yo, D,” Aaron greeted me.

I remembered how to breathe as I greeted him back.

We went home, walking by the bike path. On the way, we talked about how teens our age were getting addicted to the internet. And how it affected how they woke up early in the morning for school. We went on and on about it until we reached our houses.

“How about you?” he suddenly asked, stopping in front of our house.

“What about me?”

“Well, you’re not addicted to the internet,” he explained, grinning. “How come you still can’t wake up early?”

“I’m mischievous,” I answered, shrugging. “The more you tell me to wake up, the more I won’t.”

Aaron didn’t reply. He just chuckled lightly, shaking his head. I turned to our house and started walking toward the porch steps when I felt Aaron still standing exactly where I left him. I stopped my tracks and fixed my eyes on his face. He looked sort of in pain. So I went to him. . .

“D, I . . .” he started, when I got close enough. “You see, Annabelle’s dad just bought her a car –”

Wait, why was I feeling like I was about to hear something . . . something horrible?

“– and we decided that it’s better if –”

“It’s cool,” I quickly said, intentionally interrupting him. I didn’t want to hear the rest of what he had to say. I get it. “I understand. It’s no big deal. You guys have to spend more time with each other, anyway. Besides, it’s not like I’m gonna be upset about it.”

The last sentence was definitely a lie. And I think he knew because he frowned at what I said. But what did he expect? All those years we rode the bus together. It was like, our ritual or something (I can’t believe I just said that). But then, Annabelle pushed herself into our peaceful lives and it was all over.

So why did I lie? Because I was not selfish enough to control his life for my benefit – I was not like that Witch.

Anyway, I couldn’t smile in front of him anymore. Pretending was hard, you know.

“Later, then,” I muttered, turning my back to him. I almost ran toward the house – tripping on rug, as I did so.

I didn’t bother to see if he was still there. All I was thinking at the moment was ‘I need to be alone.’ I went to Jason’s room and locked the door. I chose this room because I knew that I’d see Aaron from my bedroom and I’d run into my parents if I went in their room. That was why Jason’s was the only safe place for me – including the attic, but it was dark up there.

* * * * *

The two boxes of Pepperoni Pizza and Mac ‘n Cheese arrived just in time for dinner; I ate all the pizza on my own. I asked my Mom and Dad if they wanted some but they turned down the offer. Fine by me, I can finish eating it all on my own.

Originally, I planned to give Aaron the other box of pizza but because of the turn of events, I deserved it more than he did.

I carried the Mac ‘n Cheese to my room. I ate it while watching the movie ‘The Greatest’. It was almost finished when . . .

“Whoa. Take it easy.”

I jumped in surprise. I looked out on the window across mine and saw Aaron grinning at me. I stood up and turned on the talkie.

“Thanks for the chow,” I said, holding out my bowl of Mac ‘n Cheese that was one bite away from being empty.

“Don’t sweat it. A deal’s a deal, right?”

“Dead on!” I exclaimed, smiling brightly at him. I partly meant it.

Aaron shook his head, amused. “You really are a nerd.”

“Yeah, and this nerd has to finish watching the film.”

“Aren’t you going to sleep yet? It’s late,” he added, his eyebrows furrowed.

I swallowed the last bite and said, “Then, you go sleep. After all, ‘it’s late.’”

“Fine, good night,” he said as he turned off the lights. I can’t see anything in his room.

“Nightie night,” I said quietly, looking down at my feet as I sat down on my window couch.

. . .

“I love you, D.”

My eyes widened as I frantically stared at his room. But then, I smiled gently. I knew what he meant. He loved me as a friend. I know he did. And I also know that there was nothing more to it than a simple love for the friendship we had.

So I said, “I love you too, A.”

Too bad, ‘cause I love him – and not just as a friend. It was also not just a simple love for the friendship we had. I didn’t just love him. . . .

I was in love with him.


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I'm so sorry if it's too short.. I had to make it a little non-cliff-hanger type. 

(This is it, guys. This the last part that's stored in my laptop. And I can't just continue the story. So, this book is officially on hold. For a month or two, at least. But I still hope that you won't forget it. Don't worry, I won't leave A and D's story unfinished. They don't deserve it.)

Until then, friends! ^_^

(And about the picture, Logan Lerman as Aaron Ford. Just imagine him to be 6'2". And for Dakota, we chose this picture of Selena Gomez. They're the most perfect pictures we could find. Please don't imagine the persons.. Just the pictures. Gets? hahaha..)

If you guys don't like the actors we chose for the characters, then please just ignore them.. ^_^

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