5. Affections

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Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don't see any.

- Orson Scott

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The stadium roared as the ball flew up in the air again.

"And here comes the first half-century in Gauri Trivedi's T20 career. That was again an amazing shot by her." The commentator spoke through the mike as Gauri raised her bat acknowledging the audience.

A tear slipped unknowingly from her eyes as the achievement sank to her mind.

Among the crowd were Bhavya, Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra who were howling proudly in happiness while Kaali and Ishana cheered from the pavilion.

"Seems like the disadvantages of the last match have been moved now to her advantage. Back-to-back boundaries and sixes. Ms. Trivedi has been hitting with no chills, we should say!" The other commentator continued the act.

"And the last ball of the innings. Gauri Trivedi on strike; spin bowler Jestina Mathew to deliver the ball. Triumphant Warriors score as of now is 152 with 4 wickets gone and the last ball--"

Gauri lounges forward and leans a bit backward to hit the ball hard, sending it up in the air again and the crowd cheered for the shot.

"Another massive six hit by Gauri Trivedi brings the innings to an end. What a spectacular way to end a brilliantly played innings!"

Triumphant Warriors : (20/20) : 158-4

Gauri Trivedi* : 78 (not out)

Akansha Murthi : 39 (not out)

Sun Riders needs 159 runs from 120 balls to win.

Sun Riders : (20/20) : 134-6

Malini Thomas : 08 (not out)

Inayat Iqbal* : 27 (not out)

The Triumphant Warriors wins by 6 wickets.

Player of the match : Gauri Trivedi.

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