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Aurora wakes up to the sound of rain. Not the type of rain that pounds on the roof and not the type that can be mistaken for mist. It's the type of rain that falls in between. She takes the pleasant sound and feeling that comes along with this rain as a sign that today is going to be pleasant. Today is the beginning of Aurora's sixth year at Hogwarts.

Surprisingly she feels calm. Although it's the beginning of the new year, the beginning of new classes and new faces, she's calm. She has her friends to thank for this feeling. Her first year was a mess before she found Estelle and Fred.

Aurora gets ready as her calmness becomes excitement. She changes into a green dress and puts a green jacket over. She repeats to herself as she applies her makeup this year will be a good year, this year will be better than last year. With her bags packed and her black cat Nori waiting by the door, Aurora leaves her home and drives to the train station.

Walking past the train platforms, she counts till she finds the right one. Aurora lost in her thoughts would have missed her platform had it not been for the worried looking first years. I remembered when that was me. Thats where she met Fred in her first year. While his parents were helping George, Fred took notice of the wavy haired blonde.

Coming back into reality, Aurora picked up Nori and her bag and walked through till she reached platform 9 ¾. What a crowded place.

Aurora sees a familiar black bob. Estelle. "Estelle!" Aurora yells three times, each time louder then the last until the girl with the black bob turns around. Estelle smiles back and meets in the middle with Aurora. Writing letters will never be the same as seeing Estelle in the flesh.

"Did you hear about Tom?" Estelle asks Aurora. Estelles always been a bit of a gossip but it comes in handy sometimes. "Tom Riddle? I heard he made head boy" Aurora said back in a sweet tone. She was proud of Tom, normally only students in the 8th year get the title of head boy. The head of house was in charge of appointing head boy, it wasn't a surprise he gave the role to Tom. Slughorn always praised Tom even when he wasn't around.

She was proud of Tom but it also made her small crush on him a bit bigger. Of course she never talked to him, but she had a habit of gazing at him in classes. Every once in a while he would look back and they would make eye contact before she quickly looked away. Estelle knew of her crush so she always kept a special ear out for news of Tom. "Good for him, we should go now I think the train will leave soon." Aurora changes the subject.

As they board the train Estelle suggest they take the open seats next to Draco and Blaise. The houses normally sat by each other and Draco was nicer to them then he was to the other students. As they sit down the questions come again. How was your summer? Did you hear about Tom? What classes did you get? Did you hear about our new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher?

All the questions and conversations faded out as Aurora looked back out of the corner of her eye and saw Tom. He was in a white button up and baggy tan pants. That was what he considered "causal". His "causal" was hot.

A dark green sweater passing by pulls her out of her daydreams of leaving kiss marks on Toms button up. Aurora's eyes follow the emerald green sweater as it's owner stand in front of her. Fred. He laughs and sits down in the seat to the side of hers. "I don't know why you don't just talk to him, just about everyone knows already?" Fred questions with a smirk.

He's right. Aurora still wont do it though. Despite being a Slytherin she isn't used to going after what she wants when it comes to guys. She wants Riddle to come to her. "How can you say that, you still haven't told you know who about your feelings for her either?" Aurora shoots back in a whisper. I'm right. Fred has had a crush on Estelle just as long as she has had a crush on Tom.

George breaks them out of their back and forth when he sits down next to his brother. That happened every time. The twins always had a pull to each other, not just because they were twins but because they were the only Weasleys that hadn't made it into the Gryffindor house. They had made it to the Slytherin house. It worked out well because their pranks and jokes where a treasure to the house.

Aurora hears a deep voice. Tom. He mumbles under his breath to his friends. Without turning and drawing to much attention to themselves, Fred and Aurora listen in. "How does it feel to be head boy huh riddle?" his friend Roman asked trying to tease Riddle. "It better...Aurora...I had to...position" Riddle mumbles under his breath. Aurora what?

"You heard that right?" Fred asks.

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