Chapter 2

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3Rd Person

Chloè groans, wincing at the bright light in her miniature alarm clock, she shuts off her the alarm. Quickly getting out of bed, she walks to the shower area, seeing no one since it's so early, 1pm is very early. She shaves everything, and doesn't bother with washing her hair.

Chloe knows today is the biggest day of her life. She has 3 hours to get ready for Choosing time today. She has a long list of stuff to do.

She has to
-Dye her hair black
-Find the hair dye
-Get a shirt from Jamie
-Try to get into the black skinnies she has, as well

First she grabs shorts, and a Blink182 tank top and heads to Jamie's room once socializing time is called.

"HEY ROSIE!" Jamie screams into her neighbor's ear.

"Hey... I was wondering if you could give me that black shirt you have, the one I love..?"

"No...?" Jamie says to the blonde girl. Taking her hand and leading her into her closet. Showing her all of the clothes she has. Chloe frowns when she doesn't see the black shirt she had.

"Well do you have black hair dye?" Chloe says, Remembering Jamie's old beauty shop job at the doll house.

"No. I can whip some up though." Jamie says, in a low tone. Hoping none of the dolls can hear them.

Jamie runs into her room, grabbing the Necessary materials. Mixing and swirling a thick serum.

"This... Should do it..." She says, almost unsure, but Cholè doesn't catch it.

"Skinny jeans?" Chloè asks, knowing Jamie has numerous pairs.

"Of course!" She yells, throwing a pair, and laughing.

Chloé runs away, knowing she has 2 and a half hours left. She runs to the kitchen grabbing sandwich bags, and skips to her room.

First, she shuffles to her closet taking out her nicest shirt, "Led Zeppelin" band tee. Next, she takes the hair dye and two sandwich bags to cover her hands, and throws the Dye into her hair.

45 minutes pass by of her looking for the perfect shoes, and settles on black boots, then rushes to the showers, running into a couple doing it in the first shower area, the girl moaning louder than the shower.

Chloè strips, and notices the boys staring at her perfectly shaven body. She rinses out her dyed hair. Not seeing the black dye, she freaks out, she sees a deep purple. She quickly ignores it, praying to God her hair looks ok.

After a shower, she leaves the shower room and goes back to her room, putting on the shirt, and puts on Extra-super- skinny skinny jeans. Taking an extra three minutes to slip them on.

Once she's done she adds makeup making her look fierce, then dries her hair and curls it slightly.

"Attention Dolls. Today is choosing day, you have 5 minutes to finish getting ready. Tonight is a big night. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor"

Chloè groans and the thought of moving, she's so tired from getting ready, she only has to throw shoes on.

The gate doors open, all of the girls in block C including Chloè run to the door and sit up straight.

Hundreds of men from the ages of 13-30 enter the block searching for the perfect girl.

They all look away from Chloè, since all they see is the purple hair and black clothes, they make assumptions on her personality.

Chloè starts to give up, getting so frustrated that every boy passed her without a second look.

"6 minutes to choose a girl." The main Doll, Shalyssa, calls to the people.

Chloè still has no one, not one person, which means she'll have to do work other places, and it's dirty and slutty. Little does Chloè know this entire empire is slutty.

She begins to weep, not seeing anyone that looks remotely interested. Until, one boy walks up to her, he's tall, asian and is wearing all black.

"Hi, I'm Calum. I'm from the band, 5 Seconds of Summer!" He tells her. Chloè has no clue what 5 Seconds of Summer is, and Calum frowns.

"Normally girls scream and crowd me. This is so weird..." He continues.

Chloè only says, "Do you pick me?"

He takes out his phone and calls another person, Chloè shifts in her spot, getting uncomfortable by how tall this boy actually is.

"Uh... Yea... Pretty... Yes colored hair... All black... Quiet though... We should be able to fix that... Doesn't know our band"
Chloè only understands his end of the conversation and can't quiet pick up what his answer to the big question is.

Calum turns back to her and asks a question, "what's your name?"

Chloè answers, "Rosie. But-"
Calum holds up a finger and says the name in his phone, tasting the words in his mouth, he doesn't like it, but, ignores his likes and focuses on this.

"Perfect, Rosie, me, and my 3 other band mates want you to be our Doll."

Chloè jumps into Calum's arms and kisses his head.

"NO TOUCHING UNTIL THE DOCUMENTS ARE SIGNED!" Shalyssa shouts, and Chloè jumps off Calum, nodding her head and goes back to her station.

"Obedient, mmhh, we'll have to change that"

"When can I meet the rest of the band?" Chloè eagerly asks.

"After I fill out the paper work." Calum says, taking out his phone and calls someone else.


I lied about the whole Friday thing. I'm sorry. I'll have a new chapter up soon!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to actually start the story.


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