Oops My Hand Slipped <3

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The periods passed and Alfred stayed close to his friends for most of it. He talked and was far more active then before, which was a shock to them but honestly they were just happy to see him as something other than sad. However when alfreds bullies came by, rather then getting quote Alfred got louder and antagonized them as much as he could. It was like he was a different person! Well, he was! Alfred was Amelia, and Amelia was Alfred. Everything really boiled over when lunch came though.

Alfred held his tray in hand, talking happily with lovino and Antonio. They were going to the meeting room,

"You guys really won't believe it though, what I'm gonna tell ya." Alfred laughed a bit and smiled more. Lovino rolled his eyes,

"If it's that you beat someone in a stupid game I'm gonna knock you senseless." He grumbled as usual while Antonio smiled warmly,

"It sounds important" the Spaniard commented in a relaxed manner. Alfred nodded and opened his mouth to say someting when a carton of chocolate milk was poured on his head,

"Sorry, it seems like you have something on you." Arthur said through gritted teeth. He glared daggers at Alfred. Lovino and Antonio gasped, staring in utter shock. Alfred stood silently for a few moments before he turned around and slammed his tray into Arthur's face as hard as he could,
"Oh my, I guess my hand slipped." He said in a passive aggressive voice might wanna clean that up." Alfred glared at him. It was a glare of pure, but utter despise. He then looked up at Mathew, snarling out "pick up your bitch boy and get out of here." He angrily said "before my hand slips and smacks you in the face. Oh, and I don't care if you tell papa. If he wants he can catch them too." He said and stood straight, fixing his bag "I'm done just obediently doing as you say Mathew. You and your whole group and go step on a lego." Alfred then walked off.

Lovino stared for a few moments before laughing loudly while Antonio seemed more worried. Lovino almost dropped his lunch from how hard he laughed! He thought it was utterly hilarious! "You heard him bitch boy" the Italian said while still chuckling. He didn't like Arthur either, truly. Lovino then walked off after Alfred, talking about how next time he should do it to that potato bastard Ludwig. Alfred warmly and vividly spoke back while Antonio was left confused and worried. Soon the Spaniard followed after the two violent friends. He just hoped Alfred wouldn't do anything that he would come to regret later on.

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