A Collide Christmas Blurb

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🎄✨Merry Christmas, here's a short little blurb about Harry's gift to Franki for their first Christmas.✨🎄


Franki stomped her leather boots down hard against the mat laying on her doorstep while simultaneously shaking the melted snowflakes off her thick winter coat. She was cursing the weather's sudden turn to a miserable mix of slushy snow and relentless rain as she pushed open her door and lugged herself inside. And once it closed behind her, a small smile began to thaw her frozen body when the faint melody of Nat King Cole and the delicious scent of a lit ginger spice candle overcame her senses. After pulling her coat from her shoulders and kicking her boots off, she felt a shiver trickle down her spine the second she was free of her heavy, soaked layer.

"Harry?" She called out as she tugged the sleeves of her chunky knit sweater over her hands and held them up to her mouth, blowing warm air against the material in hopes it would somehow float up to her icicle of a nose.

"In here!" The sound of his distant voice made her head whip in the direction of her bedroom. And with a slight skip to her step, her socked feet immediately carried her toward it.

The sound of Nat King Cole crooning 'The Christmas Song' became clearer the moment she rounded the corner into her room - her mouth instantly parting in surprise at the sight waiting for her.

The bedroom was dimly lit with dozens of burning candles complimenting the warm white Christmas lights that were hung from one corner of the ceiling to the next. With her breath caught in her throat, she fixated on the multiple flames around her for a moment before her eyes fell on a beautifully wrapped box, tied up with a bright red silk bow, in the center of her bed. And by the time her gaze landed on Harry, standing next to her illuminated Christmas tree with a coy smile, her heart took off in a sprint. His curls were twisted and pulled into a clip on the top of his head with the rest of his body covered comfortably in his newest Full Stop hoodie and sweats - Franki's absolute favorite version of her Harry.

"What's all this?" She squeaked, managing to find her voice as she moved across the room and straight into his arms.

He held her tightly for a moment, feeling a sigh leave her chest while her body melted into his, before leaning back and pressing a sweet kiss to her lips. "It's your Christmas present," he sang proudly, keeping his arms on hers as he rocked back and forth on his heels with an obvious giddiness.

She tilted her head to the side with a nervous laugh. "First of all... Christmas isn't for another three days. And second— I thought we weren't getting gifts for each other!"

Harry didn't respond, even when she pushed her lower lip out into the slightest pout, but simply kept his dimples fully on show.

"Harry," Franki sighed, glancing over at the gift on her bed with a tinge of guilt, "You already got me the honey bee brooch and you flew back from LA. And..." she gulped as she hesitated, "...and I didn't get you anything."

"You did though!" He was quick to object as he took her hand and led her toward the wrapped box. "You're taking three weeks off work so we can spend time together. You're going to my mum's with me on Boxing Day..."

When they came to a rolling stop at the foot of her bed, she lifted her eyes to meet his - bright green and gleaming with sincerity.

"Franki," he continued, "that's the only thing I want for Christmas this year. Just you."

And when his hands landed on her shoulders and rotated her body to face the gift, she felt the tension leave her muscles as he pressed his lips to her ear with a whisper.

"Open it..."

His warm breath tickled the sensitive skin and sent a delightful chill down her back - both from the sensation of his words and the sudden elation as to what could be inside. Letting go of her reluctancy, her lips curved slightly as she plopped down next to it.

"Besides," Harry spoke up, "this is sorta for the both of us. It's actually a bit selfish to be honest."

Franki looked up at him, her brow instantly quirking while she pulled the ribbon free and lifted the lid off the top. After pushing back the tissue paper, she looked to see a handful of curious items laying inside: coconut sunscreen, gorgeous leather sandals, a pair of tortoise shell rimmed sunglasses and a very cheeky two piece bathing suit.

Her eyes lifted to his again, this time with curiosity written in the creases across her forehead.

"Oh shit," he huffed a laugh as he reached for the bathing suit, "this was meant for me."

"Stop," Franki laughed, slapping his hand away before he could grab it. "What's all this for?"

Harry lowered his weight into the spot next to her on the bed with an eager grin. "Go away with me," he proposed simply, resting his palms on her thighs. "Let's go to the Caribbean, just the two of us for a week and then some friends can join us for New Years."

Franki felt her heart leap in her chest - the mere thought of the crystal blue ocean and warm beaches and Harry made her smile grow wide across her face.

And the moment Harry noticed a new excitement brightening her skin, he couldn't help but mirror her expression. He had been to the Caribbean numerous times before, but the idea of going there with Franki made it all feel new.

"So that's a yes?" He beamed, attempting not to burst at the seams as she nodded her head 'yes' to answer.

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