The Grand Design (Fifty [Finale])

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                People say that things happen for a reason. A year ago I didn’t understand completely what that meant. But now, everything is so clear. I was meant to go to that party and be sold. This is my true destiny. I always knew what the grand design was, but I never knew I was actually a part of it. I felt so alone growing up and always wondered why, but now I know. I needed to feel alone for a while so I could be strong, strong enough to be with Vincent. I had to be strong enough to be the Vampire race’s new queen. And I am.

                I am a mother, a wife, a sister, but most importantly: I am me.

                And although I know I have so much to be worried about (Easton, the baby, being queen), I cannot bring myself to ruin this wonderful bliss. We are together, for now. Even though I know saving Gren is not going to be easy, and fighting Easton may be harder, I won’t let it get to me. I realized a long time ago that in order to succeed in anything, you must have something to fight for. So I figure that if I have great memories now without ruining them, I’ll have something to fight for when I need to. My life is far from perfect, but the imperfections make it perfect for me.

                When I look at my love, I don’t see all of the horrible things that have happened between us. No, I see the love and the happiness. I see everything he gave me. I have a daughter, a brother, an unborn child, a kingdom, and a husband. And while I know a normal person might not forgive Vincent for his actions, the truth is: there is nothing to forgive him for. I think I realized after the second or third punishment that I didn’t need to forgive him, because he did nothing wrong.

                I don’t blame him for treating me the way he did. In fact if it wouldn’t hurt him, I’d thank him for it. He made me strong and better. He showed me how cruel the world could be. But he also showed me how loving and forgiving it could be. That alone is why he is my hero.


                When someone asks for the time, it’s not simply because they do not have a watch. It’s much, much, more than that. Everything has a place in the world, a meaning, a purpose. Simply speaking the words “Do you have the time?” could easily distract someone from something, or remind someone of something. On that day those words did both.

***Flash Back***

                It was snowing, cold, December. I was no longer in my world, but in the human world. I looked down on this world, but human slave were the best, and I needed a new one. Two former slaves made me too angry; I killed them. It was stupid really, what they were trying to pull. Of course vampires are very attractive and good in bed, and that’s what they wanted: me in bed. It infuriated me so terribly that I ripped out their throats. I smiled to myself as I thought.

                At the subway station in New York City I waited patiently for the train to arrive. I was looking for something in particular, but I couldn’t figure it out. The girl I wanted obviously had to be beautiful (as there are no ugly slaves allowed in my home), but not slutty. I didn’t need another incident like the one this morning. The girls were pretty, of course, but I did not want them. I did not want anyone. And though sometimes I feel as though I’m missing out on something amazing, I will never give in until I’ve found the right person. And I knew that right person would never be a slave.

                The subway had come, it was loud, as were the people buzzing around. All of the humans looked so normal and selfish. I looked to my left to see a mother shaking her toddler to get him to stop crying, but his wails only increased. To my right a homeless man sat on the cold floor begging for some loose change to buy dinner. People looked down on him in disgust. And for some reason, this made me angry. I hated the human race, but if a fellow vampire was in need, I would gladly lend a hand.

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