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I wake up on an unusual room, on this huge bed, like I usually do, but this time I'm alone. I remember everything that happened and I groan. I get out of the bed and since I don't have to dress up I look in the mirror and brush a little bit my hair with my hands. I'm taking my heels when I find Finn making breakfast. I put on my heels, almost falling. I make some noise and he looks at me with a smile.

"Hey, I didn't see you there" He exclaims "How are you feeling?" I shrug. Is not that I'm feeling bad, but I'm not feeling completely fine. This is weird, I was expecting a normal one night stand.

"I guess I'm feeling okay" I answer smiling as I take my purse and my coat and walk towards the door "Thank you for letting me stay"

"Wait, you're leaving?" He asks surprised.

"Yeah, I've got things to do"

"But, I'm doing breakfast"

"Yeah..." I murmur "And it looks good but... this is too awkward"

"You can't just leave without eating anything" He shouts. I put my hands in the air.

"Yes, I can. Look" I tell him as I open the door and leave. I slam the door and run downstairs.

I take my phone and when I arrive to the first floor I zip my coat and get my scarf out of the purse. The streets are full of people going to work, and I don't want to imagine how is Times Square today, on a Monday. I wonder about what must be going on so I call Kurt.


"Hi, it's me, Rachel. I'm on my way home" I inform looking around at the traffic.

"Oh, great. How was the night?" I don't want to tell them I ruined my last night.

"Amazing" I lie excited. He claps.

"Well, at least it was good! Now we need to find you something" I roll eyes.

"I think I know how to find a guy. Should I remember you I know how to flirt?"

"Looking at the facts that you haven't dated a guy since you broke up with Sam, and Sam was the only boy you have ever dated because the others were 'boring', you need my help" He explains. I don't like when Kurt is right, but he's not right at all.

"I think I'll ask Santana for help, you know, you've only dated Blaine" I tell him in revenge, with a smirk. He groans but laughs.

"Okay, you got me there! But seriously, you should start looking right now" I nod, though he cannot see it. I jump when a hand taps my shoulder and my phone falls to the ground, into a small pool. I groan and take my phone, which has a crack on the screen and it's no longer working. I look up at the guy, angry.

"The fuck?! You're a stalker, leave me alone!" I yell at Finn. He steps back.

"I'm sorry... I was just trying to bring you your keys" He informs as he hands me my keys. I look at him, without words.

"Oh god... Thank you" I murmur "I'm so, so sorry" He nods. I look at my phone again and sigh "It was practically new! No, literally new, I bought it three days ago!"

"I'm sorry about that, I could buy you a new one" He offers. I look at him for some seconds and then nod.

"Yeah, you could that'd be awesome" I reply "And you are buying me a new one, and it's going to be an IPhone 6" I smirk and he narrows his eyes smirking too.

"Okay, but first let me invite you to something" I roll eyes but accept. Also, I tell him that I only have breakfast on Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, or in case of being a meeting with my friends, we meet at our usual café.

We go to a Dunkin Donuts, and I get a simple cappuccino and a special donut of Oreo. I pick the coffee while I look for a free table. I see one in a corner but as I walk to it, Finn opens the door to leave.

"Where are you going?" I ask frowning.

"I like walking through the streets of New York as I drink coffee" He answers. I frown.

"You're weird... I always drink coffee, when I do, with my friends and it's better to stay relaxed" I tell him. He laughs and I quickly get out. I'm actually angry, I like to drink my coffee sitting down. As we walk in direction to Central Park, he stares at me "What are you looking?"

"Nothing, I'm just thinking" I look at him.

"What are you thinking about?" I ask him without getting any answer.

"What do you work as?" He asks.

"I work in a shop. What about you?" He presses his lips and narrows his eyes while he thinks what to answer.

"Do you watch Castle?" I nod with excitement.

"Yeah I love it!" I shout giving small jumps "It's like one of my favorite shows. Oh my god, is your work in relationship with the show?" He shakes his head laughing.

"No, I just wanted to know if you like that stuff, you know. In that kind of shows, Castle is my favorite. Well, I can say it's my favorite but because my job is Beckett's job" I stop walking.

"Oh god, that's awesome" I exclaim. He shrugs.

"Sometimes is awesome, sometimes it's hard. It's a risky job but, I love it" He explains.

"I can say that I would have never guessed you work as that. You don't seem that..."

"Brave?" He asks.

"No, no, it's not that" I shake my head with a smile "Strong, that's what I was going to say" He raises an eyebrow "Don't get me wrong, you're obviously strong but I was meaning emotionally strong. If you put a corpse in front of me I may: cry and scream or just faint. It would depend on the situation" He laughs.

"Apparently, I'm strong. I got used to seeing corpses, and also their murderers" I nod and there's a long period of silence.

"This is weird, I never saw again any of my one night stands"

"Our wasn't one at all" He says. I laugh.

"Yeah... I was nervous because it was my last but, I guess it wasn't" I confess. He raises an eyebrow, again "My friends, they want me to settle down and, honestly, I need to settle down. It's better for everyone. Plus my ex is getting married and I can't go to the wedding as the single ex of the groom"

"I get that. My best friend, who works with me, tells me I have to settle down but... I didn't find the right person and I'm afraid it may be dangerous to find that person" He says. I shoot him a smile and he smiles back. This guy is not that bad as I thought. We continue talking for a while about our favorite things and experiences. When I notice it's almost lunch time, I freak out because this afternoon I have to work. You know what's the worst thing? Mercedes works with me today.

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