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Y/N's P.O.V.

"Y/N, come and walk with me?" Mordo asked as my cloak settled on my shoulders. I had just got off the phone with Daniel, letting him know the Ancient One had requested my presence at Kamar-Taj and apologising for not being able to go back to New York for a while longer.

"Of course, it's been a while since I've seen you, Mordo. You look well." I smiled softly and we left the building. Almost instantly, he pulled up his hood and I did the same.

"Thank you, you look very well yourself." I gave him a soft smile as we walked.
"Do you have any idea why the Ancient One called me here? Usually, I work from the Sanctums."

"No, I can't say I know." He sighed and we continued to talk and catch up as we moved through the busy streets.
We came to a less crowded street and Mordo was telling me something, but my attention was drawn to a scruffy man, who looked very confused and lost. Although, there was something familiar about him.

"Kamar-Taj?" He asked a man, who pointed him in the right direction. He began to walk away and I nudged Mordo, getting him to shut up.

"Looks like the Ancient One has a visitor. Let's make sure he gets there safely." I muttered, knowing that someone was going to take one look at him and label him as an easy target. We began to follow him and I gestured for Mordo and I to split up as the crowds got thinner.
I watched him make a wrong turn and then several men followed him into an alleyway, making me sigh. I was hoping for a nice boring day, but it looked like any hopes of that were gone.

"Guys... I don't have any money." The man muttered, raising his hands slightly. I noticed his hands trembling and decided to see how this went.

"Your watch." The first thug nodded towards his wrist.

"No. Please. It's all I have left." The man muttered weakly as the group surrounded him.

"Your watch." The thug repeated and the man nodded.

"Alright." He glanced at the men surrounding him, before punching the first thug. He immediately yelled in pain, holding his wrist. They knocked him to the floor and began kicking him and I took that as my cue to go and save the day.
The first thug had already taken his watch, so I went for him first, punching him hard across the face. He fell to the ground with a grunt and his friends immediately moved to attack me.
They were petty thieves and I was a trained fighter, it was very clear who was winning the fight. It took me seconds to take them all down, the ones that weren't unconscious, running away, whimpering. Mordo approached and picked up the watch as I offered my hand to the man. He took it, his shaky, scarred hand taking my, much smaller, smooth one.

"Are you alright?" I asked, letting go and taking my hood down. His eyes widened ever so slightly and he nodded. Mordo handed him the smashed watch and he looked down at it sadly.

"You're looking for Kamar-Taj?" Mordo asked and the man nodded once more.
Mordo began to walk away and the man looked at me.

"Come on, we're not too far." He followed me out of the alley and we caught up with Mordo.

"Thank you...for saving me back there." He muttered as we moved onto the main street.
"I'm Dr. Strange. Dr. Stephen Strange." He introduced as Mordo walked ahead.

"The neurosurgeon?" That's why he seemed familiar... the crash. That would explain the way his hands trembled, extreme never damage, if I had to take a guess.

"Yeah. You've heard of me?" He joked, but I could see the sadness in his eyes.

"Once or twice." I smiled, trying to lift his spirits.
"I'm Y/N L/N. That's Karl Mordo." We led him down towards the entrance, but he didn't look impressed at all.

"Really?" Stephen asked as Mordo stepped onto the doorstep.
"Are you sure we've got the right place?" He looked army the building behind us. That one looks a little more Kamar-Taj-y." I laughed a little at his statement, causing Mordo to glare at me.

"I once stood in your place. Like you, I was disrespectful. So might I offer you some advice?" Mordo asked and Stephen nodded.
"Forget everything you think you know."

"Alright...?" Stephen muttered, looking at me in confusion. I just gave him an encouraging smile and went inside.

"This is the sanctuary of our teacher; the Ancient One." Mordo explained as they followed me through the building.

"The Ancient One? What's his real name?" Stephen asked ignorantly and I rolled my eyes. I presume Mordo gave him a stern look because Stephen then sighed heavily.
"Right. Forget everything I think I know. Sorry." They stepped into the room and Stephen looked towards a master I was unfamiliar with.
"Thank you-" his coat was taken from him, catching him by surprise.
"Oh, okay. That's a thing." He mumbled to himself.
"Thank you- oh hello." He was handed a cup, before the Ancient One served him some tea.
"Thank you, Ancient One for seeing me..." The master stood up and walked away, making me smirk slightly.

"You're very welcome." She replied and for a moment, Stephen looked shook.

"The Ancient One." Mordo introduced.

"Thank you, Master Mordo, thank you Master Hamir." The Ancient one spoke.
"Master L/N, it's been quite a while since I've seen you. I'm glad you could make it."

"Of course. Hello, mother." I smiled at her and she returned it, bowing her head at me.
Stephen looked at me with wide eyes, mouthing the word 'mother' and glaring at me slightly. I shrugged and he turned his attention back onto the Ancient One.

"Mr. Strange." She gave him a small smile.

"Doctor, actually." He corrected.

"Well, no. Not anymore, surely." The Ancient One spoke as Stephen drank his tea.
"Isn't that why you're here?"

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