Chapter 2

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“Logan, I need you to do something for me.” Professor Xavier asked him as he wheeled by in the hallway. Logan let out a sigh but followed close behind the professor to his office. “I believe Magneto is plotting something and-”

                “Isn’t he always?” he interrupted, leaning against the wall.

                “And he’s after another Mutant.” The professor finished, ignoring Logan’s interruption.

                “Who?” he asked, it was never good when Magneto was after another Mutant.

                “A girl named Kaya Millard.” He responded, taking some files out from his desk. “She used to be a student of mine, back in the day. She called herself Animagus.”

                “Let me guess, she’s a shape-shifter?” Logan said, walking over to the desk to check out the files. “What does Magneto want with a shape-shifter?”

                “Most likely he’s trying to recruit her into the Brotherhood to spy for them.” Xavier answered as he handed Logan the folder. He took it and looked it over. This girl didn’t look like someone Magneto would even be interested in. She was powerful, but she looked so small, so fragile, not someone Magneto would take seriously.

                “What do you want me to do?” he asked, handing the folder back to the Professor. “Go fetch her?”

                “That’s exactly what I would like you to do. “ Xavier nodded, tucking the folder away.

Logan let out an annoyed sigh. Great, now he was some dog, bent on fetching Mutants for the Professor. He knew better than to argue with him though. He nodded and made his way to the garage, eyeing Cyclops motorcycle. His claws sprang out as he sat on the motorcycle and then keyed it with them; the purr of the engine brought a smile to his face.

                Kaya didn’t live all that far away, just an hour and a half’s drive really, and Logan couldn’t help but wonder why the Professor asked him to get her. Why not Storm or Cyclops? It wasn’t like they were doing anything important at the moment, class wasn’t even in session. He guessed because the Professor really didn’t like him, but still. He wasn’t some dog that took orders.  

                He decided to stop at the grocery store when he reached Putnam, New York. This task shouldn’t take that long and he was hungry.  He parked the motorcycle and walked in, the smell of food hitting him as soon as he got in, making his stomach growl. He went immediately to the lunch meat, and while in line, someone ran into him. He rolled his eyes in annoyance as he turned around.

                “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” the young woman said, brushing her black hair back from her face. Wait a minute, he knew that face from somewhere….

                “Just watch where you’re going, would you?” he snapped, but his eyes were still fixed on her. “Do I know you?”

                “Uhm, I don’t think so.” She responded, looking away from him.

                “You look familiar.” Logan said, he swore he knew her from somewhere. “What is your name?”

                “Kaya Millard.” She said. That was it! She was the girl he was supposed to get. He smirked, the task proved easier than he thought. “I’m sorry, I have to go!” she called, leaving her cart and running out.

                “Wait, Kaya!” he called, running after her, but people kept getting in the way. “Kaya!” he called again, but it was too late and she was gone.  Dammit! He thought to himself as he stood in the parking lot, Mutant-less.  Now he was going to have to drive to her house. He got back on the bike and left the grocery store, stomach still growling. Figures this would happen to him, he always got the hard ones.

The wind whipped in his face as he drove down the road and made his way to Kaya’s house.

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