» 2nd of March, 2014 «

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A/N: ew I have a maths exam soon :(((

Dear Calum,

Alright, I get that. I don't get why I still have to be in this program, either. But I'm in it. I can't change that, not yet at least. So I'm making the best of it. Try it sometime. It's better than being sour all the time.

About me talking to my therapist: I don't know why you're so concerned about that. I've got better things to tell her about than a grumpy teenage boy I'm writing letters to.

Anyways. The other day, I went to see that new horror movie in town with Ash, Mikey, and Victoria (Mikey's girlfriend). I don't even remember what it was called, because I fell asleep halfway through. I find horror movies so boring and so repetitive. Okay, so there's the ones about the masked killers, the ones with the dolls, then the ones with the haunted houses. I'd like to see something completely new, then maybe I'd like them. Do you like horror movies? Please say you don't. Otherwise I'm gonna need to find a new pen pal (I'm just kidding).

Write back soon


Ps: I'll try to find you another hot, tattooed boy if you're interested

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