chapter 8

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hey guys so for the ones that had read the original chapter 8 me and jenny had a little mishap of what we wanted to happen. so i just delted it #1 i hated how i had written it and #2 the little mishap with me and jenny. so this is the new and improved one. hope you guys like it.



chapter 8

as i charged through the forest trying to reach the river i heard pinefall trying to catch up. i hadn't been able to say anything to snareclaw since i had found out i was the water elemental. "snowfire wait. where are you going?" pinefall called from behind me. all of a sudden dewkit was beside me. she nudged me a little making me lose my footing. i did a somersault and landed on the ground my belly exposed to the sky. "what's wrong?" her tail asked. her eyes staring at me with worry. "i'm fine. i just have to speak with snareclaw. before the meeting." i added. "well i'm coming with you. leafkit needs to be dealt with." dewkit said with her tail. i rolled onto my belly and got up. i nodded. pinefall followed us. 'what am i going to say.' i thought. there was no point in coming if i didn't even know why i had come. my paws seem to walk by themselves against my will. i tried to turn and head back towards where we were (about)to go to. but my paws wouldn't let me. they seemed to be leading me towards starpool. once we were a few foxlengths away from the clearing to starpool i stopped pinefall and dewkit. "i need to tell him alone." i said. they both nodded and sat down. i walked the rest of the way to the ferns that surrounded the pool. i stopped as i smelt leafkit and snareclaw. the semll of blood filled my nostrols too. i peeked through the ferns. there stood leafkit about a head taller now above a limp snareclaw. "this is a message to your girlfriend." he said menacingly. he chuckled. "this scratch is for trying to kill me," as he said that he unsheathed his claws and made one long deep scratch across his belly. snareclaw cried out in pure pain. blood splattered out from the cut. he had already many other wounds that were still bleeding. "this one's for thinking that i was really a kit. you mousebrain do i look like a kit to you." leafkit screamed in snareclws ear. snareclaw winced. leafkit then scratched along his spine. another wound started to bleed with no end. i felt a tear roll down my cheeck as i watched leafkit kill snareclaw. "and this last one's for  well not seeing it earlier. good bye snareclaw. say hi to my ancestors for me." he took one look around then slashed snareclaws throat. snareclaw began to gurgle trying to breath. leafkit bounded away. once i was sure he was gone i called pinefall and dewkit to my side. "go get feathersplash. quickly." i croaked. "dewkit can you help him until feathersplash arrives?" i said between sobs. dewkit nodded and looked around the clearing for the right herbs. "snareclaw. if you can hear me. i want to tell you this before you die. i love you. i always have and always will. please snareclaw don't die now. me and you remember all the trouble we used to get in. remember when you saved me from drowning and when we found this place. this is where i fell in love with you snareclaw. ill never let you go." i said bowing my head still sobbing. "" snareclaw got out in between gurgles. "what happened!" feathersplash exclaimed when she appeared out of the ferns. pinefall was right behind her with a bundle full of herbs in his mouth. "dewkit i need cobwebs. pinefall hnd me those yellow berries...." feathersplash ordered. i backed away a little giving her room to work. snareclaws body would spasm every so often and he would half scream half gargle out in pain. "snowfire hold him still." feathersplash demanded in between chews. i put my forelegs on his front half of his body being careful not to hurt anything then i laid down partiallyto make his back legs immobile. he seemed to calm down once i touched him.

everything was a bur. bramblestar had sent out a patrol to hunt down leafkit. snareclaw had been carefully carried back to camp once he had gone unconsious. i knew he wouldn't live but a glimmer of hope filled my heart.memories of me him playing outside the nursery and fighting along side each other. the tears never seemed to stop. dewpaw stayed with me the entire time ever since i had set foot into camp crying. she comforted me in a way no other cat could. my own mother came up to me and comforted me too. but she had to leave shortly after to tend to her newborn kits. i remembered what snareclaw had said to me after i had told him that i had loved him. i mean i know they were just a few words but they were special to me. "i love you too."  was all he had to say for me to not give up hope for anything. dewkit had come to lay beside me after her meal. she had just started eating freshkill. that made me want to dance with joy but i knew my heart wouldn't let me til i knew the news of snareclaws condition.


alright i know its short. but i think jenny wants to tell you what's happening where blackhearts at and what shes doing so ill just leave ya there. ill leave a cliff hanger. but i don't think its much of a cliff hanger though. oh well.



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