Chapter 20

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Rina's POV
OMG I can not believe that just happened. I thought Mira and I were good. I mean I was still a little upset that she was friends with the enemy. How could I have been so dumb?! Mira is, was, my best friend. The only person that truly understood me and all my weird quirks. I can't believe she called me a stiff! How dare she. At least I got a few words in before I burst into tears. What a bitch! I just called my best friend a bitch. Ex-best friend.
Now I have to go to school and face her. I'll just have to make myself look more like the people Mira hates. The popular "plastic" group.

When I got home I washed my face. I had noticeable tear streaks because I didn't take off my make up last night. I put on my concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, eye liner, filled in my eyebrows, and put on some red lipstick.
I texted Matt and he was on his way to pick me up for school because my car is in the shop being worked on. Then I heard a motorcycle zoom down my street. Who the hell rides a motorcycle at fucking 7:30 in the morning.
I ran over to my window and stuck my head out.
"Hold on I'm coming down!" I yelled. I'm sure the neighbors loved that. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the house not even bothering to lock the door. I jumped in the car and we were off.
"Well good morning sunshine." Matt said quickly looking over at me.
"Good morning? No this is not a good morning! Anything but that."
"Ok, ok." Is all he said to my outburst.
"That's all your going to say ? I just blew up on you and all you say is ok?"
"Ya, if you blow up on me like that you must be really upset about something. Would you like to talk about it?"
I sighed. "No not really." Then a idea popped in my head. "Hey, do you wanna come over after school? I'll tell you about it then?" I said with a small smile. We pulled into school and mattfound a parking space.
"Ya I would just meet me out here after school."
"Ok." I said as a bigger smile grew on my face. I probably looked really creepy, but didn't care. I got out of the car and walked over to my "new" group of friends. They are my true friends. I started to look around for Mira. I really don't want to run into her today. I watched as Jacob's truck and a motorcycle pulled into the parking lot and the girl on the back of the bike pulled off her helmet. My eyes were glued to the pink streak in her blonde hair. It was Mira but who was she with? I turned my attention to the guy that was now getting off the bike.
I turned to Shannon an asked "Who is that over there on the motorcycle?"
"Oh, that's that kid that hangs out with Jacob. I think his name is Jake or John or something..." Then I cut her off
"It's Jay. His name is Jay ." I said as I looked in their direction. I found Mira and gave her a death glare. Then I noticed she changed her style. It went from 'I could care less' to 'I'm trying to be a " bad" girl and failing at it' but whatever she can look like a slut if she wants to. I then said bye to my friends and walked into the school to get ready for this hellish day.

Mira's pov:
I decided to start simple for today. I mean, she would see right through my plans if I just drastically changed within a hour. I put on a light pink crop top that was a little low cut, black short shorts, and my black high tops. I pinned my hair slightly back and curled it. Even though my hair was already curly, it sometimes needs extra help. I made the last minute decision to put on some lip gloss and mascara. I hate make up but I really wanna seem like our fight this morning didn't affect me.

When I was finally ready to leave, I walked out the door. But then I realized I didn't have a ride to school so I sat on the edge of my porch. I was thinking of how I could get to school when my phone rang. Of course it was him.
"Yes?" I said into my phone.
"Do you need a ride?" Wow way to be blunt there. I hesitated. Do I want a ride from Jacob? I was gonna say no but then I had an idea.
"I will only accept a ride from you if you do me a favor."
"Doesn't kindly offering to drive you to school count as a favor?" Jay asked sarcastically. Great I was on speaker phone.
"No you guys owe me. But will you take me to the mall after school then take me home. Pleaaassseeee." It was a long shot but I now needed a new wardrobe to match my plan.
"Can't you ask a friend to go shopping with you?" Jacob whined.
"No. I need a couple new things."
"What is so important that you wanna drag us there."
"It won't take long. I just need some new things."
"And why do you randomly need these new things."
"Just come pick me up please I'll just find another way to the mall." I sighed.
"Lucky for you, we're feeling generous. Walk over to my house." Jacob said and then hung up.
I walked over and got to the edge of the driveway when the garage door opened. I walked up to the driveway and smiled. Jacob got in his red truck and Jay just stood to the side.
"I'll drive you to the mall, but I think you should at least tell me what we are getting." Jacob said to me.
"It's none of your beeswax."
"Oh but it is."
"Oh fine I need some new skirts, a leather jacket, and combat boots."
"As hot as I'd think you look in that, what's with the sudden wardrobe change. All I've ever seen you wear is jeans, sweatpants, and baggy shirts." Jay asked as he turned around to face me.
"To get even." I said simply.
"With who?"
"Why do you need to know."
"Because I- never mind. So would you like to ride in Jacob's car or on my motorcycle?" Jay asked me. Just then, I noticed the motorcycle parked on the street.
"Don't you usually ride with Jacob?" I asked. I'd never seen Jay ride a motorcycle before.
"I was grounded from riding the motorcycle. I just got the keys back last night. So wanna ride?" Jay asked.
"I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle." I said and practically ran to the bike. I heard Jay laugh as Jacob grumbled behind me as I approached the bike. I got and told told Jay to hurry up.

I quickly jumped of the bike after we were parked and said "That was awesome!" Jay chuckled as I scanned the parking lot for Rina and found her with her new 'friends.' I looked really closely at her and started to think of how much she's changed. She dressed and acted like a slutty dumb blonde. How had I not noticed her changing. She noticed me staring and smiled evilly.
"Hey what's the matter." Jay suddenly said. Jacob walked over to us and looked at me.
"Then why do you look like you're about to cry?" Just then, I got really mad.
"You did this! You're the reason my best friend hates me! You're the reason why I'm gonna have to sit alone at lunch! You're the reason I'm gonna have to change into someone I'm not to get revenge on my ex-best friend!" I shouted at them. They both looked very surprised.
"Whoa what did we do?" Jacob asked me.
"All this went downhill when you moved in next door."
They both just stared at me blankly.
"Forget it. I'll no longer need a ride to the mall." I pushed past them and went to class.
I'm probably overreacting about everything but right now I don't give a fuck. I'm hurt therefore I'm going to act out. Never did I think I would be plotting against Rina and having a prank war with two boys.

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