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Beneath the shining stars and the illuminating moon was a grown man who dreamed of escaping his life, the man sat under the fresh grass of a random field near his house just to think of an inspiration. The man was named Ritsuo, born in the 8th of the second month, born with a passion to escape his reality for his mother, Yang Miyoon, and to find who is his father as his father who was named Kotegawa Rui, left his mother when they found out she was pregnant with Ritsuo. 

Ritsuo' s passion was painting and photography, it seemed like he wasn't crafty as a first impression of many. But to their surprise, his artworks and photos seemed to impress them. Ritsuo was born in Cherbourg, Normandy, France but is Half Korean and Half Japanese. His hometown Cherbourg, is placed near the English Channel between the United Kingdom and France, his hometown is luckily placed quite near the famous, Paris, the city of love, being due to Normandy, his state, and Il De France where the supposedly famous Eiffel Tower is located at, is literally next to each other. 

As a child, Ritsuo learned four languages in total, half of them being his actual - supposed language, Korean and Japanese and the rest was French and English. Having to learn these language as a child must've been a hassle for him but it seemed to paid of as he certainly use these four languages equally. 

Ritsuo' s image seemed to be quite rich for many reasons, but he isn't. His mother faced a lot of debts as soon as she found out she was pregnant with Ritsuo, with her partner leaving her, she had to pay all the bills and other needs at the same time take care of herself for Ritsuo. In instance Ritsuo was born, putting more pressure to his late twenties-aged mother. Ritsuo wasn't called lucky for nothing, his mother won the lottery with the numbers Ritsuo mumbled when he was on his one digits. 

And now Ritsuo is now on his early twenties, pursuing his passion on photography and arts, now moved to the city of love, Paris, he lives in Invalides, who is slightly near the famous tower. Well, at least his Balcony has the view of it... right? Back to Ritsuo at the current moment.

His eyes sparkled under the illuminating moon, he let his tears drop under the night sky. He guessed his decision of moving to Paris was one of the worse ideas he had decided to follow. After the news of the death of his mother, Ritsuo wasn't the same. He stopped submitting his artworks to the museum, he had gone hidden despite his growing popularity within the city after his masterpiece, 'yeux brillants de masae hwang sous la lune' which translates to 'shining eyes of masae hwang under the moon'. 

Who is Masae Hwang you may ask? Well Masae Hwang, is one of Ritsuo' s famous arts. Some theories believed that Ritsuo used to be Masae' s past lover, but no evidence has been found. Ritsuo has been single his whole life. Like Ritsuo, Masae is half Korean and half Japanese, with hence people compared Masae to be a lookalike of Reiichi Hwang, a famous artist under Shizun Entateinmento in the group called Sutoreikiju. With the same last name, same gaze, theorists believe that they are long lost siblings. 

Ritsuo Yang' s life is maybe just starting, starting at its own turn, ups and downs.

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