Chapter 8

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He watched as she frowned when he did not let her pass.

He looked down at the mysterious girl and continued to watch her as he began to circle her.

She clutched her bag before her and stood silent as he walked slowly around her taking in her stance, feature and clothing.

His eyes narrowed at the tight fitting breaches she wore and immediately his loins tightened. It accentuated her slender curves.

And the sight excited him.

She wore odd looking slippers of some sort with string on it and the design of a cat of some sort.

Could it be her emblem? A marking of who she served?

He continued.

Her hair was long in dark ringlets down her back.

She nothing he has ever smelled before. It was not of lavender or roses but, something else and it set his senses on edge.

It was intoxicating.

Who was this odd creature before him that peaked his interest?

He paused before her and she watched him slowly raise his hands to hers and pull them before him. He saw the ring on her finger with a sparkling gem on it.

Was she of some nobility? Peasants did not where jewels, he frowned.

The writings on it puzzled him.

She quickly snapped her hands away as he glided his finger over the other ring and she lowered her eyes.

Her heart lunged with his touch, even more as his interest set on her class ring and her ring her mother gave her before she died.

With a scowl he pulled them back and she gasped.

"Who are you? Are you of nobility?" He questioned.

She did not answer his question but, her eyes saddened and she yanked her hand away.

"Why wont you let me leave?" She shot him an angry look.

He grew impatient and leaned closer to her.

"What is your name wench?" He clenched his jaw.

Her eyes widened in shock at the insult.

"Wench? Who the hell are you calling wench?" She fumed.

"You are trying my patience wench, what is your name? Who sent you?" He yelled.

She flinched.

"My name is none of your business," she yelled back her eyes brimming with tears.

Shaking and angered, she stomped off around him and he pulled her back before him.

Surprised, he watched as her eyes spewed fire and she shoved him away from her.

She was a hellcat.

"Don't touch me!" she yelled.

He squeezed her arm and pulled her close. His men nervously watched as she pulled out of his hold and fought with him.

"Let go of me you asshole!" She pulled at his tightening grip.

Their heated gaze met. Anger was evident in them both.

She was an impudent wench daft as a bat to go against him this way.

She was no match for his brute strength as she continued to fight him.

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