Chapter Two- Katie's Death

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Albert had just woken up, and the house was quiet too quiet. He knew that Katie had to be up to go to school, his daughter had to go to school, and if she missed any more days she was going to fail.

“Love, I’m going to wake Katie,” Albert told his wife. Her brown hair just reaching her shoulders, so unlike his daughters that reaches the middle of her back.

“She’s still not up?” Myla asked. She knew her husband had to get ready to for work, and the she’ll have to wake Peter and get him ready for day care “Get ready for work and I’ll get her,”

Albert just nodded while going into their bathroom to get ready for work, being a lawyer wasn’t easy and he had a difficult case. A husband was getting charged for beating his wife, and it was Albert’s job to put him behind bars.

Myla just smiled at her husband while getting out of their black blanket. She loved this blanket, with grey flowers the fact that her husband had allowed her and Katie to pick out a bed spread make her loved him even more.

Walking down the hall to her daughter’s room, she found it to be too quiet. Where was Katie’s alarm? Usually, she could be yelling at Katie to get up and to turn it off, but it wasn’t ringing.

“Katie?” Myla asked trying to open her door, but she soon found it too be locked “Katie?”

Katie never locked her door, if she was getting dressed she’d go into her bathroom. When Myla asked why she never locked her answer was simple ‘In case Peter needs me’, so finding her daughters door locked was a surprise and a worry.

“Katie, Katie… Katie you better answer,” Myla shouted as she banged the door, something was wrong, so very wrong “Albert, get the keys,”

“What’s wrong?” Albert asked. His suit was almost on and he would leave soon, but something was wrong, why did Myla need the key? Did Peter lock his door, they had the master key and they could open most of the locks in the house.

“Katie’s not answering and her doors lock,” Myla told him. Looking at the light blue painted walls, both she and Katie had picked out the colour when she was thirteen, then she started going for darker colours and she started to dress only in winter clothes.

“Here dear,” Albert said as he dropped the key into his wife’s hand. Katie wouldn’t lock her door, unless she was trying to hide something from Peter, if that was the case then they’ll leave Peter asleep.

Carefully Myla opened the door, and looked inside… and she screamed. Her daughter… her precious baby was hanging there, her face was blue and purple. Albert froze, looking around her room to see if she left anything. This was something that had to be planned, how long? How long had his princess wanted to kill herself?

Albert walked to the fan that Katie had used to kill herself with, untying it from the fan and carefully lowered her to the ground. They would have to leave the rope and call the cops, Myla had fallen to the ground and moved Katie’s head to her lap, muttering words that he couldn’t put together.

“I’ll call the cops,” Albert told her wife, leaving her there before running back to his room. He was hoping that this was a dream, but it wasn’t their daughter, his princess was gone.

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