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‘You are without a chaperone, my lady?’

‘Does a libertine worry over such things, she jibed? Her maid was just inside the haberdashery.

‘You question my good intentions?’ he demanded. She knew men were called out for challenging a gentleman so, still he was rewarded with more assassination to his character.

‘I know you are a reprobate. Will you deny it?’ Her hand swept down her bodice, gainsaying her bold accusation.

He looked perilously enraged. She regretted speaking so impetuously. The late afternoon developed a sudden chill. She wanted to take her leave before the storm broke, but something in his stark eyes grounded her, simply capturing hers, locking their gazes.

‘I know how to behave even if I do not always do so...,’ his head lowered.

She laughed softly. ‘You would not dare,’ she challenged. Her eyes on the contrary quite blatant in its invitation

It was not in Lord Braeden’s nature to deny a lady, especially not one as luscious as this specimen. Before she could react, his lips moulded hers. The next moment they moved with urgent passion. She was entranced. Automatically her hands moved slowly, locking around his neck, heat flooded her body. Just as quickly as he stole that kiss, he shifted away whilst she was still to recover.

Her lips parted to demand an apology for his boorish behaviour, but her soft lips came together without a blameful word. A scarlet stain spread across her flawless complexion. It had been ___ beautiful. She had not thought it would be so, her first kiss and by a prig. Astoundingly she discovered, she would indeed like to experience it again.....

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