CHAPTER 11 Entering Spiritual Warfare

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I knew that Elaine must learn to fight also, that the Lord would not permit me to fight for her indefinitely. I had come up against the stubbornness that had enabled Elaine to survive all these years, only now, it was directed in the wrong way. Finally, the third day, in utter desperation, as Mann-Chan was attacking Elaine, I marched her to the front door. Opening it I told her:

“If you don’t humble yourself and address Mann-Chan out loud as the Lord wants and stand up and fight him, he will kill you. Now go outside where no one can hear you and don’t come back until the issue is settled! If you let him kill you, I don’t want him doing it in the middle of my living room floor!”

Out she went and immediately I was engulfed in horror. What had I done? Suppose he did kill her? I certainly did not want that to happen. Had I been too harsh on her? I fell to my knees and prayed intensely for her. As I was praying, a couple of minutes later, Elaine sheepishly came back into the house. I was immensely relieved to see that she was all in one piece.

“Well, what happened?”

“I did as you said and commanded him to leave, and he did.”

From that time on the battle grew. Ri-Chan began to afflict her and many others. Within a week I knew that if the demons were not cast out that they would kill her. I had never really dealt with casting out a demon and was not sure what to do. So, I called Pastor Pat on a Wednesday morning and told him about the situation. (I did not contact the pastor of the church I attended locally by the hospital because I did not feel he would be able to help me. Later his actions proved that the discernment given to me by the Lord was accurate.) I told him that I felt that if Elaine wasn’t delivered that day that she would be killed. He told me to bring her down to the prayer meeting that night and that afterwards we would deal with the demons as the Lord led.

It was a major battle to get Elaine down to the church as the demons in her did everything to keep me from getting her there. I had to practically carry her out to the car and then seat-belted her in. The suffering Elaine was enduring by me the prayer meeting was over no one but the Lord will ever know. The demons were ripping and tearing at her body from the inside, trying to kill her before they could be cast out. I greatly admire Elaine’s courage and determination to be delivered. She did not once complain of the agony she was enduring.

After the prayer meeting Pastor Pat asked Elaine and me to join with him and two elders of the church in his study. I don’t think that either of the elders had ever participated in deliverance session before either. Pastor Pat had. He opened with prayer. He asked the Lord to seal that room with His angels so that nothing could get in and we could not get out until the work we had come to do had been completed. Elaine and I looked at each other. I knew that she was thinking the same thing I was: “WOW!! NOW WHAT?”

After praying, the Pastor addressed Elaine asking her to confirm that she had made Jesus the Savior, Lord, and Master of her life, that she rejected Satan and anything from him and that she desired the demons to leave. She did go. From that point the battle was on. The demons began to surface and speak through Elaine. I had never seen anything like it. Her eyes, voice, and whole face changed. I will never forget the first demon. Suddenly a guttural male voice said,

“I am Yaagogg, the demon of death, and you are all fools. You cannot win; we will kill this foul traitor. She belongs to Satan and he will not permit her to live.” Pastor Pat didn’t bat an eyelash.

“You lie, you foul spirit! Elaine is now holy ground, she belongs to the Lord and you know it! I command you in the name of Jesus to come out of her!”

The battle raged for eight hours. Many many demons were brought to the surface, forced to identify themselves and were cast out. It was a beautiful experience. The Holy Spirit was absolutely in control and there was a smooth coordination of all of us as He used first one of us then another. The presence of the Lord in that room was felt by all of us. We commanded the demons to come out of Elaine by the authority of the name of Jesus, read scripture aloud, sang songs of praise to the Lord and prayed and praised Jesus for His complete victory over Satan. The demons were particularly tormented by our praise and they seemed to lose strength rapidly then. Most of them came out by violent coughing.

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