CHAPTER 8 The Black Mass and Human Sacrifice

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Specific committees are appointed and maintained within The Brotherhood to set up the necessary equipment and to provide clean-up afterwards. Satanists who are also policemen are almost always on these committees. Their function is to prevent any interference from law enforcement agencies. The equipment, such as the altar, in large cities Satan’s golden throne, etc. is transported in plain vans. It can be quickly set up and taken down. The bodies are almost always disposed of by cremation. Babies are rather easily ground up — even in a garbage disposal, and are often disposed of in this manner. Occasionally the body is cremated at the site of the sacrifice, when this is not practicable there usually is no difficulty in using the facilities of a nearby mortuary. Also crematory facilities at veterinary hospitals or animal shelters are frequently used. The highly disciplined and carefully planned work of both the set-up and clean-up committees has been responsible for keeping the practice of human sacrifice out of the public eye for many many years.

Security at such ceremonies is always tight and police radio frequencies are continuously monitored throughout the ceremony. Anyone who has witnessed such a ceremony of human sacrifice and then tries to pull out of the cult does so at the cost of his or her own life. The only way to get out is through the power of Jesus Christ and even then it is not easy. The demons closely monitor everyone who has ever been even slightly involved with such a practice.

I will describe here a Black Sabbath (also called the Black Mass) that I was forced to attend. I was, at the time, a minor, not yet a high priestess and was literally a captive. Black Sabbaths take place once per year. Always at the time of the full moon and on the

Easter weekend. Most of the competitions that I attended in California were just before Easter and culminated in the Easter Black Sabbath. Regardless of the cost I always managed to get away just before the ceremony. Satan saw to it that I paid dearly for that rebellion, but I didn’t care.

I was very young at the time of that horrible weekend, still a child actually, but the memories of it torment me still and always will. I had been a member of the cult for less than a year. I was informed by the high priestess that a very important ceremony was coming up, that I was “privileged” to be “invited,” but she also made it very clear at the same time that I had no choice, I would attend. Only those who are invited attend and those invited have no choice but to attend. Few are willing to incur Satan’s wrath by not attending because they are afraid that if they did so they would be likely to end up the sacrificee at the next Black Mass. I was not permitted to go alone but was taken by my “master” (the high priestess) and several other witches.

The meeting was held in a very large isolated barn which had been roughly remodeled for the purpose. I suppose that there were a couple thousand people there from the whole surrounding area. Most had already been taking drugs prior to coming and all were given potions to drink containing drugs and alcohol at the beginning of the meeting. I always avoided taking any of these drugged drinks because I knew the danger of clouding my mind. There were too many who coveted my position of being trained to be a high priestess. The higher members of the cult never partook of these drugged drinks and despised those who did so.

I didn’t know what was going to happen as I entered the barn with my companions that night. It was a Friday night, Good Friday. The meeting was to run through that Sunday. I saw that the barn had a platform across one end. Above the platform sat a throne made of pure gold. That throne was for Satan. This was obviously an important occasion if Satan was to put in a personal appearance. I was to learn later that split second timing of such sacrifices is required by Satan and absolute coordination between covens across the country because Satan can only be in one place at a time. The timing must be accurate so that he could attend every meeting. He is not omnipresent like God.

As the high priest and high priestess came out onto the platform an absolute silence fell over the crowd. A silence so intense that you could hear a pin drop. The silence was one of fear. Each one was afraid that he or she might be chosen to be the sacrifice. At that moment Satan was no longer a glory to anyone, no longer an honor. A ripple of relief went through the crowd when the victim was dragged kicking and screaming through a side door and up onto the stage. The main Easter sacrifice is always a man. Occasionally additional sacrifices of women, children, or animals are made, but the ceremony centers around the sacrifice of a man. Often a hitch hiker is picked up some days before the ceremony and carefully guarded until the time of the meeting. In the eyes of Satan and the crowd, that man becomes Jesus and Satan’s supposed victory over Jesus at the cross is celebrated.

I watched in utter horror as a crown of huge long thorns was driven into the young man’s head. The thorns going in so deep as to pierce into his skull. Then he was stripped and beaten with whips tipped with metal studds, and tortured with spikes, and red-hot pokers. Finally he was nailed to a wooden cross which was then picked up and placed in a hole in the ground just in front of the middle of the platform. I will never forget the stench of the burned and tormented flesh, the screams of the victim, his writhing agony, his pleas for mercy. The crowd roared like a pack of wild animals, the inhuman voices of many demons from within the crowd joining in. They jeered and cheered as the cross was raised into place and dropped down into the hole. Satan had appeared by that time and sat on his throne nodding in approval. The high priest urinated on the victim and members of the congregation threw feces at him while everybody cheered Satan’s supposed victory and then bowed down and worshiped Satan.

Satan appeared in human form as usual, dressed completely in shining white. But his eyes glowed red as a flame and he threw his head back and gave a howl and a scream and a hideous laugh of victory as the high priest drove a long spike through the man’s head, pinning it to the cross, killing him. The crowd went crazy, screaming and shouting and dancing in crazed ecstasy at the “victory.” They loudly proclaimed all victory and power and honor to their father Satan. Satan vanished shortly after that to go on to the next Black Sabbath sacrifice.

At his departure the meeting turned into a sex orgy. Human with human, and demon with human. Every type of sexual perversion imaginable was practiced. The victim’s blood was drained off and mixed with drugs and alcohol and drank by the high priest and high priestess and passed through the crowd. Many of the crowd went up to desecrate the body. The night hours passed by while the drugged demonic drunken frenzy of the crowd continued. Eventually the body was severed from the head and ground up, and portions mixed with drugs and other substances. Those who wanted more power ate some of the mixture. The third day, as people began to come down from their drugged state, they left for home in two’s and three’s. All proclaiming that their great and glorious father Satan had won yet another victory over the enemy Jesus Christ.

What a mockery the Black Sabbaths are! Satan knows that they are a mockery! The ceremony itself is supposed to be symbolic of the death of Christ. Satan proclaims that Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice to him, that he won over Christ by killing him on the cross. Satan is lying! He knows that he was defeated at the cross, not Jesus, and so do all of the demons. But the people don’t. I am one of the fortunate ones, I found out that it is all a lie. It is all an indescribably horrible lie. I declare to you the reader, you who are yet satanists, you who have not yet made Jesus your Lord and Master, SATAN WAS NOT VICTORIOUS AT THE CROSS! God’s word sums it up the best:

“And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it

[referring to Jesus’ death on the cross].”

Colossians 2:15

JESUS IS ALIVE! Satan has no right to any of us. We can be free from bondage to Satan. All we need do is ask Jesus to set us free. He already paid the price. Won’t you ask Jesus today? Tomorrow may be too late.

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