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The moon shined bright, brighter than it supposed to be, Ritsuo held hands with his artwork and said, "You are a piece of art Mon amour." Masae laughed at his words and told him, "Ritsuo, I'm literally one." His eyes became wide as he noticed what he said earlier, right, Masae is legit an art. 


la lune vous illumine


2020 - 2021


Author's Note:

-French Composer, Achille-Claude Debussy [1862 - 1918], One of the most well known composer of all time, with famous pieces like La Mer and Dance of the Knights, is one of the people behind my inspiration for this book. Claude Debussy composed Claire De Lune, which translates as 'moonlight', is an inspirational song for this book.

-Dutch Painter, Vincent Van Gogh [1853 - 1890], One of the most well known artist, with famous artworks like Sien and Sunflowers, is one of the people behind my inspiration for this book. Vincent Van Gogh painted Starry Night, which is a pictorial view of a beautiful night sky, is an inspirational painting for this book.

-English singer, Edward Christopher Sheeran, one of the most well known singer and pop composer, with famous songs like Perfect and Dive, is one of the people behind my inspiration for this book. Ed Sheeran composed and sang Give Me Love and The A Team, an inspiration for this book.


-The concept and plot of the story was my idea, and any similar plots and ideas are only coincidences. I am a person myself and I make mistakes, Please understand some grammatical errors since English is not my Mother Tongue Language.

-If this story inspires you then thank you, please enjoy the chapters, but I do not tolerate any behaviors of Plagiarism, please put credits when needed to. 

-Sensitive topics are depression, hallucinations, drugs, sexual assault, and psychotic disorders are included in this book, if those topics makes you uncomfortable I recommend you to not read this book.

-The book is set on France, but the main characters are Korean/Japanese.

-Enjoy reading!

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