Chapter 5

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11:00 Am

I heard a honk outside and I headed down to the door. "Alright mama I'll be back." I said grabbing my purse.

I had on a floral print skirt a black stomach high shirt showing of my belly ring and some need glasses. I had my hair in a ponytail.

"Mija here. Put this on." Ma said handing me my rose clip something my dad got me before he left for the 3rd time for the army.

I put on and rushed out the door. I saw Jass leaning back on her hood. She smiled when she saw me and opened the door.

"Look beautiful baby girl." Jass said. I got in and put on my seat belt. "Thank you." Jass rushed to her side and got in.

She was playing some good music but it wasn't doing for me. I played the radio. "Hey! Never touch my radio." Jass said putting it back on her cd. I laughed and sat back and let her "sing" to me. "Boo singing is not the gift God gave to you. Stick to dancing." I said laughing. "Whatever."

We pulled up to the mall. I went to open the door and Jass beat me to it. "Well thank you." I got out and closed the door.

She held my hand as we walked inside. "Where to?" I asked. "Any where you want." Jass said. I dragged her all through the mall shopping taking videos and selfies 😂 after she said that.

At 1:15 PM we went to get something to eat 🍴and then we would go home. We were at the food court then somebody tapped my shoulder. It was talia 😒.

"Hey Yn. You never called me 😔." She said in like a sad voice. "My phone not working 😕." I said putting my hand behind my back. I had my phone in that hand. "Oh well I guess I'll see you Monday 😁." She smiled. "Yeah I guess so." I said shrugging.

Jass came to the rescue 🙌. "Hey babe. Oh hey Talia." Jass said grabbing my phone out my hand putting it in her pocket and grabbing other hand. "Oh hey Jass 😒. You guys together?" "Yep." I said with a straight face.

"Then kiss." Some dude said coming out the cut. "Who are you?" I said looking him in the face like tf. "Yahmir Brown." He said smiling. "Well this ain't your business." I said getting defensive. "Anything that involves my girl is my business." He said stepping up to me. "Well you need to treat yo girl right cause she wouldn't be tryna hit my girl line if you was." Jass said moving me behind her.

"Yahmir we should go." Talia said grabbing his hand not looking at me or Jass 😔. "You two have a nice day." He said smiling 😁 walking away with Talia. "Fuck wad 😒." I said under my breath. "What was that" Jass said looking at me. "I called him a fuck wad." I said

We got our food and sat down. "So where's your dad 🙇?" Jass asked. "Iraq. Fighting in the Army." I said eating my chicken. "How has he been gone?" "3 months. What about you where's your dad?" I asked sipping my soda. "My dad died a couple months ago 😔." Jass said looking down. "Oh my god Jass im sorry for asking." At moment I didn't want to know how he died or anything about him. I thought it might up set her. "It's ok you didn't know." Jass shrugging.

I could tell she was still hurting so I thought maybe changing the subject would be good. "So how about we go to the arcade. I wanna beat you in DDR." I said laughing. Jass smiled a little. "You could try but I doubt it." she said getting up and throwing our trash away.

We had played DDR 3 times in the arcade and Jass won twice. "Cheater." I said pouting. "Nah you just suck." Jass said laughing I punched 👊 her in her arm and started walking to the car laughing. "What a baby." I heard her say behind me. I gave her the finger 🌵 as I got to the car.

We both got in and she drove me home. I got out and so did Jass. As I was about to walk in. "Wait Y/n?" "Yes." I said smiling. "I can't believe I'm about to ask this. Can I kiss you?" Jass said chuckling. "Yes you can." We leaned in and we shared the softest most passionate kiss I've ever had. I didn't want it to end.

I heard someone clear their throat and we pulled away. Jass was smiling and I was blushing. "Y/n get in this house." It was my mom. "Ok ma. Bye Jass." I said kissing her cheek and walking into the house.


3:30 PM

Ok I like Y/n 💕. That kiss was something. No words can explain that kiss.

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