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Rosalie and Emmett fanfic

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A/N: This short fanfic is about Rosalie and Emmett. This takes place right after breaking dawn. Rosalie is once again upset over not being able to bare a child when she watches Renesmee grow up.




Emmett's POV

My beautiful sexy wife with her wavy blonde hair hanging loose around her face was sitting in the living room watching as Alice, my annoying hyper sister dress up Renesmee, my adorable 6 year old looking niece. Ruining my amazing view of my wife, Alice lifted Renesmee up to my face smiling. "Isn't she adorable!" squealed the obnoxious hyper pixie. I nodded in agreement and groaned mentally, you are so freaking annoying you short dark hair pixie freak I thought as Edward, my stupid mind-reading brother laughed and came down the stairs with his funny brown haired wife, Bella. Bella was only funny when she was human, now she isn't falling over her own feet. I sighed and decided to bug Edward, so I envisioned what I wanted to do with my wife, Rosalie right now. Edward winced and narrowed his eyes at me. Rosalie looked up at Edward then at me smiling slightly.


Good enough for me. I scooped her up and flashed upstairs to our room in seconds. I smiled as I flopped onto the bed and dropped her on top of me. She sighed but just lay on my chest. I frowned slightly used to this behaviour because it has been happening for the past couple months. "Rosalie?" I asked again for probably the third time this week, again hoping she'll give me a truthful answer. "Yes Emmett?" she answered me staring at the wall. "If I ask again will you give me an honest answer?" I spoke slowly hoping. She sighed again and nodded slowly. Finally! I'm getting somewhere!


"What is bothering you?" "Renesmee..." my wife started as I stroked her golden hair softly. "Well I could always get Edward and Bella to straighten her out" I offered half joking knowing that she means something else. She sighed again and looked at me, "can you be serious for two minutes?" I nodded and zipped my lips shut and threw away the imaginary key. Rosalie growled and hit my chest once sliding off me. "Aw Rose. I'm only kidding. Okay, I'll be one hundred percent serious" I promised. She sighed and pulled absentmindedly at one of my brown curls on the top of my head. "I know I'm being an unfair, selfish, jealous, greedy wife but I can't... I envy Edward and Bella so much. They have a beautiful daughter and I've only wished for that ever since I woke up in this life" Rose admitted frowning.


I stroked her cheek gently and paused, thinking of a response. This is one of the rare times when I, Emmett McCarty-Cullen am speechless. Rosalie just lay there lost in her own thoughts. "Rose, baby, we can always adopt like Carlisle and Esme. There are options" I told her slowly. She frowned. "But the child won't be MINE. It won't have my DNA, so it will always be someone else's" she said quietly burying her head in my chest. I had nothing else I could say that will make her feel better.


"Rosalie, I am so sorry that I cannot give you the things you want... if it were possible I'd give you a thousand children but I know that we're both frozen. I can't bear to see you sad like this, it's killing me. I'm so sorry" I apologized quietly. She looked up at me with bright golden eyes, "don't you dare start apologizing. I love you and I am so grateful that I have you. I'm so sorry that you're witnessing me break down over the impossible when I have everything I need right under me." I kissed her passionately holding her face gently in my hands. She kissed me back as she wrapped her arms around me.


For now the situation was pushed to the side while Rose showed me how grateful and loving she was with a surprise, if you know what I mean. But I know that the situation wasn't resolved yet and I will just have to be patient until my wife sorts it out on her own.

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