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In England Theres Hot Guys, and Then Theres Us

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Hey everybody!!! This is 1HPlovers and my new story idea~~ let us know what you think!!! Vote comment Fan~~ Also this is edited 1HPlover~ and written by me~~ the next chapter will be written by her and edited by me. So anyway hope you like it and thank you for reading!!!! Well Enjoy the first chapter~~~

XoXo ~ Jessica~~


Chapter # 1

~ Welcome to England~

The city of romantics, I couldn't believe Valerie and I were going to England! I couldn't wait, and that's why I had started packing so early. I have always wanted to go to England, British accents, hot guys, the architecture and well everything! England was so exciting, and so not America. Something different, new beautiful. The only downfall was we were going to be going to school there, at an Academy. Its called Fire's League, and is supposed to be a wonderful school. Our Parents decided that public schools weren't good enough, and I didn't really care. England sounded amazing, and it was better then a public school . This was an expensive private school, or well academy as they called it. In other words a private school.

"Resella!" My mother's frantic voice came from downstairs. It was time to go! I jumped off of my bed grabbing as many suitcases as I could carry, my father would come get the rest. I knew they couldn't wait to get rid of me, but for once I didn't care. It was a warm day in August, I had shorts and a tank top on. It's what I normally wore all summer. Then I remembered we were taking our fathers private jet.

Our fathers are best friends and they started Barson Corp. It became very famous, and we are really rich. My father didn't really care that we wanted to leave a month early, but I hadn't told him why. We wanted to go shopping and find HOT guys with accents. British accents are really hot, and I love them. So does Valerie, but they have to be hot on the outside and wonderful gentlemen.

I smile as my father makes his way up to my room to grab my other six bags. I had four so I had ten pretty big bags plus purse and laptop case. I don't leave anywhere without it, and my father already sent everything breakable. So I had furniture in my room to rearrange.

"Valerie!!!" I said as soon as I saw her, she was carrying a lot of bags and her father carried the rest. It was kind of weird, but we always made our fathers do the hard work. After all they chose to spoil us, so they get to live with the results. It was something I always laughed about.

"Resella, are you ready for England?" Valerie asked me, and I nodded. I could have said of course, but it would be weird.

We got onto the jet, as our fathers put our stuff in, and got out closing the door. We were so excited, and all we could talk about was screaming about meeting a ton of hot guys with accents. Until we found the perfect guys for us; nothing less would do for me, and because I don't want to get hurt.

We played on our laptops the entire way there trying to calm our excitement, and find some stores. Considering we have never been to England, it made sense. We also found out we were going to have to wait for our limo. Our father ordered it because they didn't think we were going to have enough room for all of our belongings in a taxi. My father had ordered me a car, just to drive around in. I couldn't wait to see it.

"Girls we are almost there put your seatbelts on," the pilot said and we put on our seatbelts. I felt like jumping up and down with joy, but I couldn't and it would seem weird. When we landed we took multiple trips to and from to the limo until we had all of our bags in the limo.

"You ladies are going to Fire's League right?" The driver asked and looked back at us.

"Yes," I replied for both of us, then relaxed back into the seat next to Valerie. Valerie sighed and I could tell she couldn't wait to unpack so we could go shopping. When we got to Fire's League, the driver helped us carry in some of our belongings and we started to the office. When we got there the lady asked us for our names.

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