Alice and Jasper fanfic

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A/N: this first fanfic is my version of when Alice and Jasper head out to find the Cullen's.



Jasper's POV

I was starting to feel worried and uncomfortable as Alice and I ran to our soon-to-be family. Alice, my wife and soul mate, has been seeing visions of this strange golden-eyed family of vampires since she woke up from her transformation. Throughout the 2 ½ years we've been together she has told me all she knows about them.


There were 5 of them, Carlisle, the kind leader and creator. Esme was the wife of Carlisle and the loving mother of the other three teenagers. Edward was Carlisle's first companion with Esme second, Edward is a mind-reader. Rosalie was changed after Esme and apparently breathtakingly beautiful though I found that hard to believe while looking at Alice. Emmett was the last to join when Rosalie asked Carlisle to change him, Emmett was known to be a real prankster and a goof.


I sighed and glanced at my amazing wife as she ran smiling at me. I smiled back at her still struck in awe at how graceful and wonderful she is. Her short dark hair was spiked around her face in every direction matching her pixie-like features. Her eyes matched mine and the Cullen's, a yellow colour because of our diet. She was tiny and graceful, I felt very protective of her. Alice has a gift as do I and Edward, my soon-to-be brother. My wife is a seer; she can see the future though there are many conditions and restrictions that she still has to deal with. I am an empath; I can feel and manipulate the emotions of those around me.


I think she guessed at my worry because she took my hand as we ran like phantoms through the dark forest. "It's alright Jazz. I see that everything will work out perfectly" she whispered kissing my hand smiling. I nodded smiling slightly trying to look convinced. She sighed so I guess she didn't buy it, "Jasper, please trust me. They will accept us and soon you will think of them as family." She drifted closer to me and kissed my cheek. I sighed this time, "I trust you. I trust you with my life, love" I stopped her completely and pulled her close to me, "I'm just unsure. The future can change with one decision, how are we sure they won't just refuse us? Kick us out?" I asked her stroking her cheek gently. She gave me her famous look, her "are you honestly questioning my visions?" look. I sighed and held her face in my palms lightly, "I'll go. I promise you that but it won't change my uncertainty or worry."


She reached up to kiss me standing on the tips of her toes. I had to lean down quite a bit, I was over 6 foot and Alice wasn't even 5. I kissed her mouth gently but my gift sometimes got a hold of me. She felt her own need and desire as well as mine. Alice leaned into me and held the back of my neck making the kiss longer. I got control of my emotions and hers as I pulled back. She took my hand and we dashed into the trees again.


Alice's POV

Fifteen minutes later we were standing at the Cullen's front door. I was bouncing lightly a huge grin welded to my face. Jasper chuckled probably feeling my excited emotions and he wound a hand around my waist calming me a bit. I pressed the door bell and loud chimes rung throughout the house.

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