'Frisk. Listen To Me.'

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I woke up in the morning.

No longer in the warmth of ColorWheels arms, I was on the ground..in the snow. I didn't get up right away..Instead I laid there in the snow. I was exhausted for some reason. Yet, completely full of energy. That's something that ColorWheel said that he'd 'always admire me for.' Although, I'm not sure why.

I hear footsteps, the crunch in the snow. I open my eyes and look up, it's Malga.

I realize now, why ColorWheel was no longer in his human-form, he couldn't have Malga see him.

He's glaring down at me...It's not as harsh as the ones he often gives.

It's what ColorWheel calls 'soft glare,' but I don't know what he means by that.

I'm happy to see Malga, I hold back a smile.

He drops something in the snow, it's attached to a long red chain he's holding in his hand,

"!" Startled, I glance up at him.

"Errands I need to run." He tells me.

I should've realized that by the way he's dressed. He's wearing his dark red coat..it's really long..ColorWheel told me it was...it was a...trench coat! Yes, a trench coat.

He's also wearing his black shoes..they're big..and I try to avoid them whenever he's not wearing them, they scare me.

I nod at him, staying silent. Normally, I would say "Okie Master!", but I've been bad..and I don't know if I'm still in trouble or not.

Shivering, I reach my hand out and grab the collar he dropped..gripping it tightly.

Before I could even put it on or hold it up to-something picks me up out of the snow.

Startled from being picked up by Malga, I start to shiver again..my teeth chattering.

His hands are naturally warm, it's almost like there's flames surrounding his fingertips..but they're harmless. But from being out in the cold so long makes the warmth sort of unfamiliar, so I shiver.

"Hm." He hums almost angrily, still holding me up, he slips the collar over my head and holds me against his chest...In my pocket, I can feel ColorWheel jerk.

Before I can think or see if he's okay, my whole body stops shivering..I'm warm now.

"You're going to stay off the ground today, got it!? I don't want you to be a nuisance." Malga glares down at me, I nod.

"Damn kid." He mutters, and throughout the trip of errands, he continues to hold me.

. . . . . . .

I'm sitting outside the door, not because I'm in trouble or anything.

In fact, Malga told me to keep the door open while I'm outside.

I was confuzzled, but I obey and push it open as much as I can before sitting to watch the snow.

Malga isn't there at the door anymore, instead he's sitting back in his big red chair..in front of the fireplace. I turn and look at him in his chair, the chairs back is facing me..so I can't really see him.

I think happily, but soon one memory that was sad comes to my mind.

Mini Comic: 'The Drawing.' (By Me: Frisk Hope.)

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"Malga!" "Look!"

*A drawing of Malga and Frisk.*

'You and me!' is written on it

. . .

"I made it for you!"


"I mean-"

"Leave me! This instant!"

"Leave me! This instant!"

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"Sorry Master."

My smile fades as I finish recalling the memory, I don't know what happened to it, the drawing. I think he threw it out. When I came back it was gone. 

I pull my knees up to my chest, and continue to watch the snow falling again.

...I miss ColorWheel. 

Usually, I don't really mind when he's gone, because he always comes back. But this time I wish I had him here. I stuff my hand into my pocket, despite knowing that ColorWheel isn't in it. 

For some reason, I start to feel really sad. Not because of ColorWheel, but because..I'm here. I don't want to be here. I don't even know where I came from. That's something ColorWheel is always doing, searching.

He told me once, that he would find where I came from. He said he promised, and that he would bring me there. I didn't understand exactly what was wrong with the place I was in, but I only nodded. I believed him. 

But now, I'm starting to believe that I'm always going to be here..I don't even know how long I've been here. I'm never going to leave, I'm going to stay here..forever.

I stare down at the ground instead of the snow falling, and don't bother looking up. I close my eyes and start to fall asleep.


"!" "ColorWheel?" I open my eyes, he was running towards me. 


I didn't stand, rather I waited for him to reach me. His tone and voice sounded extremely happy. I glanced back inside at Malga, who was still sitting in his chair, then I look back at ColorWheel.

"Frisk!" He said again, he was breathing heavily and smiled. "You're not staying here Frisk."

"?" I tilt my head, confused. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said! 'You're not staying here! Not anymore!" He was grinning.

I smiled, but it faded and I looked down. "Yes I am."

I hear him exhale loudly, "Frisk-"

"I'm never leaving. It's here I'm supposed to be." I say, quietly.

"Frisk-" He tries to speak, I didn't mean to-But I cut him off.

"I'll always be here. And never ever leave." I mumble it, and rest my chin on my knees.

"Frisk!!" He grabs me by the shoulders and he has a very upset look on his face. I don't want to upset him, so I just stare at him and not say anything. 

"Frisk. Listen to me." He has a serious look, and I nod. 

"Ok." I respond. 

"Frisk...I found your father."

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