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Pen Your Pride


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"Mom, I don't want to go to that retarded preppy school,"I stated to my mother. She rolled her eyes at me.
"I'm sorry honey, but you are required to go until you're eighteen. I know you'll miss your friends, but this is a good school. You might actually find something you really enjoy!"she tried to be optimistic. It was my turn to roll my eyes. She never understands. When I was about to walk away she gently grasped my forearm,"Please try? That's all I ask. If you give the school an, unbiased, chance...I'll let you get another tattoo?"she grinned at me. I looked back at her to make sure she wasn't kidding. She had a look of absolute seriousness on her face.
"You swear?"she nodded,"No take backs, right?" I pushed.
"None at all! You can get whatever you want,"I went to hug her,"Only-"she cut me off,"-if you give this school an actual shot. Do we have a deal?"she asked.
"Do we have a deal?! Of course we have a deal!"I hugged her,"You're the best, mom!"
I went to run out the room to call my best friend but paused mid-step,"Thanks mom, I'm sorry I give you a hard time most of the time..." I didn't turn toward her but I knew she was smiling.
"I was exactly like you when I was your age, I understand more than you realize..."
With that I left the room. I launched on my bed and called Christi, my best friend, and told her about the deal my mom just made with me.
The next morning I found myself standing in front of a giant pink castle. The entire building just screamed prep.
"I'm so gonna need a cigarette..."

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