Chapter One

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Journal entry 601
Dear Whomever,

You know what's weird. I've been writing these for 6 months, and still have no idea who I'm writing to. I don't know how to keep this appropriate or less boring. But when you're 15 Turing 16 in 2 days, your life is boring. All up until Choosing day. Now I'm excited for Choosing day. It's where I meet my owners. I heard they're men, and they take care of us, and love us. But what I don't get is why we never actually leave the Dollhouse, we still sit in these shitty made rooms with floral wallpaper and dirty white beds. The owners choose us and then lock us up in different rooms. I heard it's super fun, and I can't wait to see who I get. Maybe he'll be hot.

The one thing I hate about being in here is that we have to keep a diary. Also we get fed once a day. The dolls feed us low carb foods. And pills. The pills are supposed to make us forget about our past lives. With our real families. I haven't forgotten my pet, bunny. That's all I miss.

I know that they stole me from my family, but I can't remember anything so I can't morn over any person.

I think every time I have to write in these I write about the same thing. You don't even know my real name

I'm not aloud to tell anyone, but who cares.

My real name is "Cholè", they call me Rosie and that's it. I am very skinny, mainly from the lack of food, exercise, and sun. I like make up, music, Netflix, and sleep. Just like everyone else here. We sleep a lot, watch tv a lot. It's gets boring.

Just two more days, Cholè, two more days.

3 hours later

The dolls told me I had to document what I did today.

I woke up and brushed my teeth. Scrubbed my face, and put on a thong(the only underwear they give us), booty shorts, and a crop top.

After that, they unlocked my doors and let me socialize. I went and hung out in living room Z, where no one goes. I listened to music and watched Netflix for about 9 hours. Indulging in Blink 182, or Gossip Girl.

However it's midnight and they're making me write more and more. And get better beauty sleep. Because without beauty there isn't a Dollhouse. So I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

(Aka Chloè)

Short yes. Bad yes. Do I care, no.

Next chapter will be long and be up Friday! Since this is so short. The next chapter will be longer and not written in this style.
Also, Rosie is played by Cholè Grace Mortèz. I love her.


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