Chapter Thirty One

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You couldn't decide whether or not you liked the outfit you wore. You wore a nice dress and your hair down. Makeup was natural. You were invited to Slughorn's dinner party by Slughorn himself. All the top students in his class were going to be there.

You shrugged at your reflection.

You went out of your dorm and down to the common room. Draco was laying down on the couch, playing with the pin you gave him last year.

He didn't see you and you slowly walked up to him and planted a kiss on his forehead.

He paused. He didn't looked at you. He looked shocked. Then afraid. He still didn't look at you.

You backed away and walked out.


The party was super boring. You sat next to Blaise and ate in silence. Blaise didn't speak either. Harry gave you a smile now and then and Hermione would give you the I'm bored look.

When Ginny came in, Harry stood up. How odd. Then you pieced it together.

Harry likes Ginny.

Dessert was just as fun as dinner. At least the dessert was good. The dinner was too. The only reason you agreed to come to this party was because of the food.

When it was over and you all said your goodbyes to Slughorn, you went out the door.

Blaise caught up to you and smiled.

"Going to the common room?" He asked.

You nodded. "Then to my dorm. I need to get my stuff so that I can take a bath."

Blaise nodded. "You look gorgeous."

You made a face. "Um. Thank you?"

"Don't be so suprised. I know how to compliment as much as that Draco Malfoy."

You two didn't say anything the rest of the way.


You fell asleep in the common room. Draco was sitting by the fire, reading a book. He knew you were there, but he didn't mind it.

Then you were panting. Draco put his book down and looked at you. You were still asleep, but you were moving your head side to side.

You were having a nightmare.

"No. No please no." You said, still asleep. Draco leaned forward, observing.

"No not the deatheaters! No! No! NO!" you woke up with a start.

Draco quickly went back to reading.

"You had a nightmare." He said casually.

You looked at him.

He put his book down and looked at you. "It was about deatheaters."

You nodded. "Yeah, it was."

Draco leaned forward and studied you. His stare made you blush.

"Tell me, (y/n). Are you still very much afraid of deatheaters?"

You nodded right away. "They terrify me."

Draco nodded. "You should get to your dorm. Go to sleep."

You followed his advice and went to  your dorm.

Draco put his book down and stared at the fire. Then he cried.

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