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Arriving at school was the simple part, getting to his location was not, however. The moment he stepped inside he was greeted by Mathew, who sneered angrily at him,

"Why do you look so happy fatass?" He angrily asked. Apparently, Alfred had some sparks left of Amelia's confidence because he looked at Mathew and gave a hard glare back,

"None of your business asshole." He then roughly bumped into Mathew, walking past before stoping and looking back at mathew, who was in shock and on his ass, "I hope you had fuck while it lasted because now I'm here to fuck shit up" Alfred gave a twisted grin. Maybe not as Alfred, but as Amelia he would. The boy them walked away, his chest puffed out and a smile on his face. Meanwhile Mathew just sat there, completely awestruck. Francis had witnessed it but did nothing. He was done following Mathew blindly. He couldn't go on hurting his dear little alfie anymore.

Alfred walked into his home room and slumped in his chair. He felt like the king of the world! Honestly just that buzz from standing up for himself was enough to keep him going. Amelia truly was a different side of him. Alfred was always a law abiding citizen...maybe it was time to let loose and go wild? Truly, how could he have held onto such a small strand of hope that someone would see that they were wrong? They'd never care, they hadn't ever cared. Now he had people who did, so why should he care?

Alfred wore a smile and watched as Mathew and Arthur walked in, he watched as Arthur's brows furrowed with anger and how his brother played up the pain. He gave them a sweet yet twisted smile as he waved. Alfred would of course keep his grades up, but he had reached a breaking point. He was done with them. Yeah, he was still depressed as fuck but he might as well live for a short time not a long one. When Arthur came stroking his way Alfred casually pulled out his water bottle, and when the angry brit opened his mouth to yell at him Alfred stood up and dumped the water on his head,

"Oopsie." He said and covered his mouth as he snorted. "I think you have something on you" Alfred cockily said. Arthur's face flushed with embarrassment and anger as some students in the class snorted. "Or maybe it's just the caterpillars on your forehead? I can't tell." He said and feigned ignorance. Some people burst out laughing at his comment while Arthur turned on his heels and stomped off. Alfred sat back in his seat and watched his brothers expression as the two left as quickly as they came. Alfred let out a breath. That was terrifying! But he just did what Amelia would have done, ah yes, Amelia. She was the opposite of Alfred. She was everything Alfred aspired to be and wanted to become. She asked also fake, but he didn't care. The bell rang and with that home room started. It was time to fuck shit up and have some fun.

Heya! I have a few chapters prepared so I'll update again this weekend! I found some free time to write them lol. Also, the change in tone is because the story is beginning to pick up and my music changed from sad to angry so expect alfie to evolve to a bitch lmao. Eventually he'll find himself but not today lmaooo. I hope you enjoy!

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