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Chapter Eight| Leona

"However, we can talk business another time. It's nice for you to join me on this date." He says looking all smug and I clench my jaw. 

"You tricked me!" I exclaim and he chuckles.

"Just like what you did to me, princess. Two can play that game." He winks and I groan, picking up the glass of champagne and taking a huge gulp.

"I could just get up and leave, you know that right." I raise my eyebrows at him and he leans back against his chair, smirking.

"Go on then." He points to the exit and I gulp. "You see, princess, I think deep down you want to stay here and enjoy the rest of the evening with me."

"Well the night is still young, so what do you have planned?" His eyes widen in surprise because I'm certain he thought I was going to stand up and walk off.

Then determination sets on his face.

"There's a lot we could do, princess. We could go and look at the fountains at the Burj Khalifa and catch the sunset." My eyes widen.

"Are you being serious?" He nods his head at my question.

"Very." Well then.

"Okay, Dario." This time I lean back against my chair. "You have the rest of this evening to impress me." This time I smirk.

"If I don't?" He asks.

"Then you can leave me alone."

"But what if I do, princess?" He leans forward this time, staring at me intensely.

"Then you can take me on as many dates as you want." He smiles brightly and I playfully roll my eyes.

"Well it looks like we have many dates to come then, princess." He stands up from his chair and then holds his hand out for me.

I raise my eyebrows and stand up without taking his hand.

"It takes a lot to impress me, Mr Tahan." I wink and begin to lead the way towards the exit with Dario trailing behind me.

This is going to be interesting.


My eyes widen at the sight in front of me. I'm absolutely amazed at the view.

I find myself wandering off from Dario, who is talking to some random man. I walk through the crowd of people that are also fascinated with the skyscraper.

It's only after five minutes when I turn around that I realise I have now lost Dario.

Oh shit.

"Dario." I look through the crowd and begin to panic slightly when I realise I've wondered too far from him.

I spend about ten minutes searching for the man and spot his tall frame, searching frantically in the crowd. A worried look etched on his face.

I grin and make my way over to him.

"Leona!" He exclaims as soon as he sees me. He rushes over to me and grabs hold of my face, checking my body. "Where the fuck did you go?!" My eyes widen as he glares down at me.

"I wanted to get closer to the skyscraper." I pout, tilting my head and he looks at me in bewilderment.

"Closer? Princess, we're right fucking next to it!" He runs his fingers through his hair and I sigh.

"Don't swear at me." I cross my arms over my chest and watch him begin to calm down.

"I'm sorry, okay. I just panicked because one minute you were there and the next you were gone. I thought something bad had happened to you." He whispers, staring down at me. He begins to caress my cheeks with his thumbs and I find myself leaning into his touch.


"Are you hungry?" He pulls away and I nod my head, avoiding eye contact. "That's great because we are going up there to eat."

He points to the building I've been admiring and I stare at him in shock before an excited grin appears on my face.

"You're joking!" I whisper shout and he chuckles, shaking his head.

"Come on." He nods his head, grabbing hold of my hand, leading us to the entrance of the building.

I try to pull my hand away but he tightens his hold so I relax.

We walk into a lift along with another woman who won't stop staring at Dario. Her mouth is wide open as she studies his features, I roll my eyes and look away.

"You're so hot." And there it is. "You should take me on a date one day."

"Maybe." I look up at him and watch as he smirks, avoiding eye contact with her. I raise my eyebrows and pout my lips ripping my hand out of Dario's hand.

What a prick!

"But it's highly unlikely, in fact it's highly impossible. I don't know, you might have an eye problem but I am standing next to a beautiful lady, who is my date." He glares down at her. "So try learn to not be disrespectful when you see a man and woman holding hands. It should give the impression that they are together, you absolute idiot."

My eyes widen and the woman looks like she's about to cry. The lift doors open and Dario grabs my hand again, leading us out. I look back and give the woman a sarcastic smile.

The restaurant is outdoors and it's as if the waiter instantly recognises Dario because he's leading us to a table without even asking if we have a reservation.

We take a seat and I stay silent, still shocked about what just happened less than two minutes ago.

"Are you upset with me? We can leave if you want to?" I jump when he reaches forward to grab hold of my hand.

I actually smile and shake my head.

"You've surprised me, Dario." He grins and tightens his hands around mine.

"Does that mean there are many dates to come?" He questions, hopefully. 

"Don't get your hopes up, we're only just beginning." I smirk. "Now get me some food old man."


Aww they're finally getting on 🥰❤️

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