Chapter Twenty Two

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Does this make it official? That was two kisses already, but did that actually make it official? I don't think it does, but there's no way in hell I'm asking her that. I would just screw it up. Yeah, nope, not going to ask. When she pulled away, it took almost all of my willpower not to pull her back in and kiss her again. After a few awkward seconds, she pulled me into her room and sat me on the edge of her bed. Me being me, I flopped backwards so I was laying across her bed. When she came and sat down in front of me with her laptop, I sat up and placed my head on her shoulders. I watched her edit her video for a few minutes before shutting the laptop half way and pushing it off her lap.

"Hey!" she protested as she reached for her laptop. I wrapped my arms around her, trapping her arms by her side.

"Come on, we're going somewhere," I said as I pulled her with me off the bed. I half carried, half dragged her toward her flat door.

"I don't want to go out," Gwen whined. I rolled my eyes and released her, only to grab her hand a few seconds later.

"You'll like this place though. They have the best smoothies ever."

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