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note: i snatched part 1-3 of headcanons from my dr headcanons book so if u feel like u've seen them b4 u probably have lol 

> god they make me so fuckign soft


> neither of them can cook but nagito can bake pretty well... do what u will w that info it's the holiday season u guys 👁

> ((( I feel like nagito would be able to draw kinda well too ,,, like just imagine him drawing chiaki bc ,,, smol ,,, pretty ,,,))

> once chiaki compared nagitos hair to those fluffy whipped cream swirls and she was like "omg !! 😲😲 " and when she told him he just .. hid in his hoodie bc he was blushing sm,,,

> speaking of which nagito blushes a whole fuckign lot his and pale ass skin doesn't really help w that

> if they ever did ,, ;it; ((pls I have so many soft hcs about this bbut I'm shy ,,,)) lets be real here Nagito would just be fuckigf SOBBING and kissing chiaki and holding her hand and hugging her and petting her hair bc he fuckign ADORES her and lovrs her and just hbfhbhfbfhb brainrot (n chiaki falls asleep in his arms afterwards and he's just like ☝️👈👈👈☝️👆👉👈👉😣😣😣💖💕💖💞💓💕💗💗💗💕💓💕💘💖💕💕💗💞💓💕💓💖))

> neither of them have literally any relationship experience so they were pretty much each other's first ,,, everything tbh

> nagito likes kissing her on the cheek bc it's easy to look at her

> when they sleep tgt (I meant literally but honestly ?? It goes both ways) chiaki ,, buries her head in the place under his chin and in front of his neck and bc nagitos nagito whenever she does it (like literally 10+ times a day bro calm down) he goes "😨😨‼️‼️😣💝💖💖💘💖💘💘💝💞💕💞💘💞💘💞💘💞💖💞🥺🥺" and cradles her head in his arms and gently scratches the top of her head hnnbghgh

> cUDDLES ,,,,,,,,,,,

> "I can't go to bed yet I need to finish this level"

" ah, bbut it's cold 🥺🥺🥺 r u sure 🥺 I want 2 hold u ,,, 🥺🥺🥺"

"r u trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping habits"

"Is it working"


> "nagito ,,,, I think ur pretty,,, poggers ...."

> they're fluffy . they're soft . thts all .

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