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Uhh, the picture of Jacob was getting dusty, i thought as i wiped my hand on my black jeans to get ride of the mini dust particles.

It had been 2 days since Jacob had told me he had imprinted on me...on my 7th birthday. Looking in my large rectangle mirror, i didn't see a normal seven year old, i saw an 18 year old woman. And i felt it too, i didn't care for toys or dolls, i preferred romantic novels and hiking with my werewolf. My immortality was active, now, i guess. 

"I'm not just your mother's best friend, there's a reason why you always want to be around me and i always want be around you....when you were first came into the world...well..i imprinted on you" he told me under the lights as we slow danced around the rest of the couples in my  family and our international vampire friends. My heart stopped, i had been told a lot about imprints by my mother, but this was different. It was Jacob, the man who'd always been in my life.

I couldn't think of anything else to do but tell Jacob i needed space and time to think about all this. I told him to go home. To go away. 

I know it was cruel but i'm just so confused.

I spent the rest of the week hiding in my room, thinking through everything. 

Jacob had told me this news on the worst possible time, if he had not toldme that night, then i would've been gone by now, so i guess:

Tonights the night i'm running away....To New York City.

Also i waited longer because now my family's vampire friends left Forkes yesterday, so i'm less likely to be found...more time to enjoy.

So why am i doing this?

I'm tired! Tired of the silly perfect bubble that parents have created around me. I know that sounds childish and silly, but i've never done something crazy, hanged with people my own age (Jacob is like...nearly 25 now) and hey, i am just seven years old. 

I just need to be treated how i look in the mirror, i hardly get to do whatever i want, but no more. I will get my freedom, yes i know the Volturi are still out there, but i hardly remember the time they came for me, but i am eternally grateful to my family, their friends and Jacob for keeping me safe, but i'm not a little girl anymore.

I've grown tired of the same old routines that i live everyday in Forkes, and i know i don't age like a normal child but i never had a normal high school education, so this tiny trip to New York would be a fun way to be around people who actually were of my age for once. Plus, is it wrong to want to feel normal?

Packing up my retro climbers backpack, i wrote a small extract into my journal that Jacob had given me two days ago, it was a beautiful gift, the only one that reflected my change from child to adult, as my family's friends forgot i would look like and practically be an 18 year old, so from them i recieved  many child orientated gifts.

Dear Journal,

This is my first entry and i just wanted to say: I love my parents and family, i just need to do something thats not safe, that doesn't wrap me in cotton wool.

Finally Jacob, my werewolf, has told me he has imprinted on me, the unvoluntairy process of connecting to your soul mate, the only one your meant to be with. He told me he did it when i was only a baby, i don't know what to think. 

I love him, as a friend and almost like family, so its hard for me to change our relationship like this. But there's only one person who makes me happy when i'm sad, who makes my heart beat faster every day and every night: Jacob. 

But i deserve options? Don't I?

Tonight i choose New York. I know its selfish, i know that, but...i'm alone in this bubble.

Its time for me to burst out.

Forever Yours, 

Renesmee Cullen

Closing the leather bounded book, i slipped it into my already full backpack. Thankfully because of my superhuman abilities i hopefully wouldn't get tired.

Pushing up the window of my bedroom, i felt a warm breeze of a summer night brush my neck. Hmm, perfect weather for a late night trip.

I put each of my feet, now covered in leather boots, ontop of my small cottage's ledge, standing there, with the wind, i never felt so alive. Funny that i used to be so scared of hieghts, now i invited them in to my daily life.

As i kissed my enchanted home, i jumped and thanked God that my parents had gone out for dinner with Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper.

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