Chapter 142: Two Mondays

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Summer stepped closer to AJ, "You better watch what you say about your bosses."

AJ didn't step down, "What are they going to do, fire me?"

AJ shrugged, "I mean as far as I know nobody wants to see me fired tonight, so I guess having their little saying, that they always do what is best for business and what the WWE universe wants, so I really have my job secured."

"You saw what happened to Gabby," Summer spat.

"Gabby was weak and selfish," AJ said.

That's when my music finally hit.

"Not sure if this is what AJ wants to be in," Jerry said, "The two authority girls."

"And Gabby doesn't look happy about what AJ had to say," Cole said.

I marched to the ring wearing my ring gear of ripped jeans, light brown boots and a 'Outspoken Diva' T shirt that was white with blue wording.

I entered the ring and right away walked up to AJ Lee so that I was right in her face. AJ didn't back down one bit.

"Do you want to repeat what you just said about me," I said.

AJ glanced at Summer before looking up at me, "You sold out Gabby. You proved to everyone that you are just a selfish human being who will suck up to anyone to get what you want."

AJ continued, "And to think I actually respected you."

I nodded, "Ok, fair point. Maybe I sold out, but you want to talk about cheap shots and selfish human being."

I took a step back to look at the crowd, "The only time I ever got an opportunity at the Divas Championship was against you," I looked back at her, "At Elimination Chamber."

"Everyone knows what happened, it really is no secret," I said, "I got taken by the Wyatt Family and you forced me to wrestle you without me barely even being able to stand on my own two feet."

"Ever since then I've had this sour taste in my mouth," I said, "You've never beaten me in a fair fight. But now I am a hundred percent and I am ready for anything. I made a statement last night and this is why," I pointed to her title.

"Hey, hold on!" Summer exclaimed stepping in between us, completely cutting AJ off, "I get a title shot, not you."

"Excuse me," I said, "You already got your chance, so get to the back of the line."

"Ladies, ladies."

We all turned our heads to the ramp, where Paige was heading to the ring.

Paige got in the ring, "If anyone is getting a title shot, it's going to be me. I still haven't gotten my one on one title rematch so in Gabby's words, get to the back of the line."

"I don't think so, Paige," Summer said.

"Really?" Paige asked, "AJ what do you think, bestie?" she winked at her.

"Paige! Paige!" I exclaimed, "We can't ask AJ. She's obviously going to pick the one who can't wrestle."

I motioned towards Summer. The crowd clapped for me as Summer scowled at me.

Stephanie's music came on next and my eyes went to the stage as Stephanie stood on the stage.

"I just had a vision ladies," Stephanie said, "All of you think you deserve title shots, so we're going to make it happen."

"So at Summerslam," Stephanie said, "It's going to be AJ Lee defending the title against...... Summer Rae."

"Yes!" Summer yelled, then laughed in my face.

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