What if i told you i wasnt Lying?

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●Dream ended the call●

"The heck" George sit on his bed big brown eyes staring at his phone, clearly confused about this whole situation and a deep uneasiness lingers in his chest, like even though he is safe in his small 1 bed apartment he felt like he was utterly alone in a big cold concrete room.
A shiver obnoxiously forces it's way down his spine he stands up and rather than grabbing his usual blue sweater from his desk chair he instinctively walk to his cupboard reaching to the back and pulling out a bright green dreamwastaken merch hoodie dream had sent him A whole ago. Pulling it over his head it fall almost to his knees he sighs

" he was way off on the sizing " George let out a small giggle before climbing back into bed instantly feeling better for a reason unknown to him.

George lay down on his side as a small fluff lump of kitten desided to jump on the bed right in his face.
"Pff pleh cat!" George wipes the collection  on kitten fur that has now accumulated on his face off and looks over at her looking completly inocent he can't help but laugh.
"silly cat" he strokes her head softly as she curls up beside him.
He smiles to himself listening to the gentle purrs of comfort.

"What was all that about hey? Your dad's gone crazy" he talks to the now fast asleep blob of fur obviously not expecting an answer but like to speak his thoughts aloud anyway.
He rolls onto his back thinking intensely the word still bouncing around his brain crystal clear, what was weirder is the voice which had spoke was erly distinctive; it was his own.

"Why would I hear myself calling for Clay?.....Clay" He repeats the name
'when did his name become this easy say' he usually struggled to his friends by there birth names, found it embarrassing an emotion he knew all to well.
His face flush a cute pink, rolling over to know face the wall he borrow his face into the hoodie knowing full well he was alone but for some reason still feeling embarrassed; like somehow the name Clay was a forbidden word.
He breathed in an a sudden calmness washed over his body causing him to relax.
"Has it always smelled this sweet?" And just like that he was out, kitten at his side warm tones  illuminating from the still on lamp the pale brunette slept the night through.

Piercing bright sunlight poke through the light blue curtains awakening the disgruntled male, he sits up hair messy and adorable rubbing his tired eyes and walking into the kitchen flicking on the kettle.
Hands reached up stretching he let out a yawn and continue to make himself a morning tea looking out the window seeing the quiet area of the city he live in below looking rather peicful in the morning.
He finished the morning routine and feeds the fur babies before taking his place at the awaited throne that is his desk.
Turning on his computer and setting up for a morning stream. Taking a sip of tea the cursor hover over the GO LIVE button.

About 10 minutes pass as George welcomes the chat smiling cutely as he wave at the screen upbeat background music playing softly. Suddenly he hears an all to familiar voice stream through his earphones.
Dream joined team speak
He jolts a little shocked before laughing softly
"Hi Dream" he says with his usual dorky smile, dream was quiet like he was thinking about something. "Dreeeeeaammm? You there?" He raise an eyebrow at the camera and cup his ear which was under a headphone so he looked kinda stupid.
"George...your wearing my hoodie" Dreams voice was confused but happiness clearly poking through
George felt his cheeks begin to heat up eyes widening 'I forgot to get changedhe rub the back of his neck nervously
"Ahh y-yeah" he clears his throat and continues "your merch! You sent it to me of course I'm gonna wear it for you show it off ahah"
Dream was silent for a minute he could almost feel his eyes;which to geroge appeared a pretty golden yellow, percing through the stream causing him to become caution of his actions and how red his face was getting.
"You did a really bad job on the sizing though" George stands up and spins around for the camera showing that the bright green hoodie falls almost to his knees.
"Thats because it's my one"
The words flowed through the headphones into his ears like a river his face darkening a shade. 'Clays hoodie...that's Why it smelled-' his eyes dart back to the screen sitting in his chair letting out an akward laugh
"Silly shouldn't have sent your one...ANYWAY! Are you jumping on the server?" The now beat red man abruptly changed the subject  flicking the hood up to avoid showing to much of his face.
"Fuck....you're so cute" the words were faint and under his breath but Gerorge still heard clear as day what Dream has said.
He rest his head back in his chair for a second  before convincingly ignoring the comment as if he had heard nothing.
"Okay guys so today I want to organise my chest as they are currently extremely messy" his minecraft character run towards the cute cottage core vibes house George had built the stream before.
"Sorry hopping on now" Dream said as joined the server

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