▶ Chapter #9

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Sniffling was the only thing that could be heard in the spacious room as i lay on my stomach. praying for the pain in my lower backside to vanish. for myself to wake an see that all of this is another one of my horrendous nightmares, that always seem to come back an find me wherever i may be.

The demon laying next to me. both of us completely naked an on top of the comforter, cool air nipping my skin.

he was laid onto his back as his right arm was behind his head & left on his stomach, eye's staring into the ceiling as if it would disappear if he broke his gaze a pone it.

I hated him more than ever now i want to beat him halfway to death & then wait as he slowly relaxes an beat him again & again & again! my mind was so focused onto hurting him as i had not noticed he turned so his body was facing me.

I looked into his eye's tears still falling uncontrollably down my cheeks an onto my lips. throat dry, arms weak, my body felt like i was about to be swallowed by a black hole. am i dying? i asked myself as i still stare at this abomination to a human being.

I still couldn't understand why...why is this happening! i just want to know?

what did i ever do that was so, so wrong? so horrible? unforgivable?! that this is my punishment for it. was it because i insulted his father & girlfriend even though they caused it to start an i was defending myself!

"Just tell me why?...please?" i asked him.

He looked into my eye's seeming to be searching for some hidden answer into the depths of me that i didn't know about. he kissed me, while coming to the middle of the bed where my body lay.

he climbed on top of me as i was rolled gently onto my back. he had his chest to mine my legs was closed but opened now, his left arms elbow above my shoulder almost, with it's fingers in my hair.

His right arm under my thigh as i knew what he was about to do. i shook my head left to right. left to right. he smiled just a tad-bit bearly noticeable if you didn't look closely.

As he used his right hand fingers to push the tip of his 10 inches of hard member into me once again but only the tip.

"Ahh! please stop! no more...please logan no more.....you already came the first time *sniffing* my butt hurts. i can't take anymore" i pleaded hoping he would see the desperation in my apologetic voice.

"I know" he said simply. removed his fingers letting them slide up my thigh along with his other hand. both stopping at the top of my kneecaps, spreads them an rammed into me as if i wasn't capable of feeling him if he were to go slow. with both of his hands on either side of my upper body but underneath my armpits.

I used them for support to steady myself from his strong thrusting. each more powerful than the last jerking me up with each one making me more sore, gripping his upper biceps tighter each time.

Thrust *Grip* Thrust *Grip*

"Ah-" i was about to scream as he hit my sensitive spot but he swallowed my screamed cry as he devoured my lips while tugging my hair with a good hold. i caught myself gripping his hair as well.

he moved his right hand to my waist an put a death grip onto me as if i would get away, his left still tangled into my hair. him groaning with each movement with his tongue against mine, ours eye's connection still in tact.

"St-stop already....please damn it!" i tried but it seemed to be of no use i couldn't find his kryptonite to break this spell of his aggressive pounding an mental damaging he was doing to me i-.

"Cazzo allen fermare spremitura me così stretto!" (Fμck allen stop squeezing me so tight!) he said bitting me lip. i dug my nails into his back while arching mine as i came all over my stomach.

his thrusting not slowing down in the slightest an something felt awfully weird with me as i watched him thrust into my extremely sensitive yet very pain-filled body & some how logan was replaced by some unknown man atop of me whispering sweet nothings into my ear.

the strange thing is! i know this man?!

He came inside of me while still thrusting. I know this man don't i?

"Papa! stop stop stop papa please!" i was screaming he was still pounding getting his last release inside of me. i closed my eye's kicking and screaming still screaming for my papa to stop.

"Cosa c'è di sbagliato?"(whats wrong?) i asked the maniac that was yelling and screaming kicking me relentlessly & calling 'papa' the hell!

"Allen?...." he still kept screaming and kicking.

"Trillion!" i boomed into his face he stayed still an looked at me as if i just appeared out of no where?

What the hell just happened?


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